Telus’ International Roaming Service Will See Price Increase to $12 Per Day


According to a new report from MobileSyrup, Telus will raise the price of its international Easy Roam fee.

The roaming service from Telus will now cost $12 per day, matching the price of the equivalent offering of Rogers and Bell. The current cost of Telus’ international roaming service is $10 per day.

New and renewing customers will see the price increase take effect on April 2nd, while customers that are not on a plan will see the increase starting May 1st. Additionally, the carrier is planning to add a total of 27 more international destinations where customers will be able to use the roaming service.

Easy Roam from Telus allows customers to take their existing plan allowances for talk, text, and data while travelling to the United States or internationally.


  • Riddlemethis

    And there is no collusion between the cellular carriers in Canada?

    Anyway, forget international roaming. Use a half decent VPN to get access to a solid Canadian VPN server and use Telus’ wifi calling feature. If you’re on Rogers/Fido you don’t have to make this effort as Rogers/Fido doesn’t block wifi calling outside Canada

  • speedracer99

    More reason to get Roam mobility.

  • Olivier

    Is there any maximum to it? I’ve read before that carriers could not charge you over 50$ extra per month as a CRTC rule. If i’m gone two weeks in Europe, will I pay 12×14 days or it will max out?


  • goosemcgoose

    Only if you’re going to the US and you don’t mind changing your number.

  • bbousquet

    I’m pretty sure that 50$/month limit is for overage charges. It doesn’t apply to this daily fee.