Telus Voice Plans Increase by $5 per Month, Offers 12GB Data Plan Promotion


Following Koodo’s announcement earlier today, Telus has also announced that they have increased the price of their plans by $5 per month.

The carrier has completely elimiated its 300 local minutes plan. Telus now has unlimited local calling plans that start from $70 per month and unlimited nationwide calling plans starting at $75 per month. In addition, Premium Plus plans now start at $85 per month, and these plans line up with offerings from Bell and Rogers.

Telus is offering data add-ons that start at $45 per month for 4GB or $60 for 8GB per month.

The company is also offering an exclusive promotion which will give you 12GB for $70 per month. There is no word on when the promotion pricing will expire.

[via MobileSyrup]


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  • Leif Shantz

    Ripoff prices, you’ll be paying over $115/month just for unlimited local minutes and 4GB data. Atrocious!!!!

  • Olley

    first they facked with public and got pushed back, next thing you know they fack with Koodo and Telus…. insane

  • Rhys Boswarva

    14 Telus Corp President & CEO Darren Entwistle Total Salary: $12,905,331 (2018)

  • gtasscarlo

    Two and a half months ago, you can get $60/10GB unlimited talk+text…

  • t l

    How is this a Promo??? My personal phone is $40 4GB with 1000 minutes int’l calling from Black Friday the year before. My work phone is $48 5GB with 1000 minutes int’l calling. My wife is on the $60 10GB promo.

  • poopchute

    The biggest problem with the way that we are doing things is, the more we let you have, the less I’ll be keeping for me.

  • warpdrive

    I’m assuming this is for new customers only, or are they raising everyone’s prices?

  • Chris

    Why does a CEO’s salary always have to come into play? They make that money for a reason. Don’t try and diminish their salary just because you aren’t happy with your cell service fees.

  • BeaveVillage

    We’re paying way too much for cellular in Canada. Someone has to do something.

  • Johnny Mack


  • Jason Chu

    I think when you go to renew you will pay the new rates. If you’re under contract then nothing changes. But then when you want to go to BYOP price it will be the current market. If you’re under BYOP already it shouldn’t go up, but you never know for the future months. I remember reading the famous $30 + $30 6 GB of data that everyone seemed to have every year they would get a letter saying the price will increase.

  • warpdrive

    I’m on the 10gb for $60. Guess time will tell…..

  • Rhys Boswarva

    If they can afford to pay such a salary they don’t need to be charging excessively for cell services. Highest in the world by far.

  • Chris Kelly

    Well I used to stand for something
    Now I’m on my hands and knees
    Traded in my God for this one
    And he signs his name with a capital.. D

  • marble5

    What?? I have two mobiles, one home phone, everything included, and I pay $135 total.

  • Kate

    In QC, that 12GB data add-on is $40. Making the province-wide plan $85, and $95 for nation-wide.

    This add-on gets on promotion at $25.