The iPhone 5S Will Be Apple’s ‘Most Successful Launch Ever’, Says Analyst


Iphone 5S

Apple’s next generation iPhone widely referred to as the ‘iPhone 5S’, which is expected to be unveiled during a media event on September 10th, is going to be the company’s “most successfully launch ever”, according to analyst Trip Chowdhry, who is the Managing Director of Equity Research. The analyst believes that Apple’s next flagship smartphone will set a new sales record for the company (via BGR).

“The new iPhones will be massively successful,” Chowdhry told Benzinga this morning. “This will be the most successful product launch ever in the history of Apple.”

These are surprising words from Chowdhry, who has been very critical of Apple’s managers. He frequently criticizes Apple for failing to deliver new and innovative products on a regular basis.

At the same time, Chowdhry added that innovation does not exist at Apple. He added that Apple needs to have a “complete innovation equation in place” and that it is time for CEO Tim Cook to move on to other work. “He’s an operational guy,” said Chowdhry. “I’m not saying he’s a bad guy. He should be heading up operations.”

Apple’s iPhone 5 sales topped 5 million units in the handset’s first three days of availability. The next iPhone is expected to look almost exactly like the iPhone 5, except for some significant internal changes.


  • I’m not really sure if Apple can go away with another S…

  • gtasscarlo

    New iPhone: LTE up to 100MB/PS and a slightly better processor. Watch how many people flock to it.

  • Chrome262

    well its got to do better then the S4 lol. I for one usually by pass the S versions, since I buy them out right it would get pretty expensive. But with two year contracts and 90 days to unlocking the phone, might go subsidy next year.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    subsidy requires turfing your existing SANE contract though

  • johnnygoodface

    Not sure? Wait and learn 🙂

  • Al

    Of course it’s going to be the most successful launch ever. That’s a no-brainer, as it’s simple to calculate. Since the iPhone’s inception, sales have been notably stronger with each release and the trend shows no signs of backing off. It’s just told with drama to make this obvious fact sound more impressive.

  • Cottonswab

    The opposite of what this analyst says usually happens so it’s gonna be flat or lower. There is a saturation point

  • That is true. New two-year plans are definitely more expensive.

  • Chrome262

    Ugg that’s right. Maybe I’ll use my fido dollars to buy it outright since they unlock now.

  • somedoobsandbeer

    Its been doing 100MB/s LTE for a year now. Asleep at the wheel again eh Bob?

  • mikka

    if you’re gonna be a smartass, at least get the terminology right. it’s Mb/s not MB/s. There’s 8bits to 1 Byte. Data rates are described in Mb/s = Megabits per second.