Touch ID Upgrade Coming This Year for Better Apple Pay Experience


Iphone 6 touch id

The next generation iDevices will get a Touch ID upgrade this year, well-connected KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed in a note issued to investors today.

As you may already have experienced, the updated fingerprint sensor found in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus often fails to authenticate the user – especially when the finger is too moist or greasy. The next generation fingerprint sensors, however, aim to limit the number of reading errors.

According to Kuo, Touch ID module shipments are set to grow by 12.4% this year, totalling 262 million, the note, obtained by AppleInsider, observes. The supply chain will ramp up production in the second half of the year, as expected.

Kgi touch id report

According to Kuo, the upgraded Touch ID module will “offer a better and safer Apple Pay user experience by reducing reading errors.” He expects companies in Apple’s supply chain to begin ramping up for the new Touch ID module in the second quarter of calendar 2015.

Touch ID was first introduced with the iPhone 5s in the fall of 2013. Since then Apple has included this neat hardware into the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3, as well. Moreover, starting last year, it granted access to developers, allowing them to use Touch ID to unlock apps.

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  • Chrome262

    never have issues with mine on the 5s wonder what is different in the 6

  • Normand

    I have noticed on my ipad Mini 3 the problem especially when the finger is too moist or greasy. It will not let me sign in.

  • Wall Man

    Yes, curious to know what kind of failure rate we are really talking about. I may be able to report back in a couple of months as I am looking to upgrade to a 6 from a 5s.

  • Al

    My wife and I both have a 6. I know it doesn’t work when wet fingers start to “prune”. When we noticed it, our reaction was… of course it won’t work – the finger prints are distorted. So I’m actually surprised (impressed) that this isn’t an issue with the 5s.

    Personally, I’ve never had a problem with just briefly wet fingers.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Odd. It must vary a lot by user. My 5S is probably around 60-75% for reading my thumb print. It often misreads.

  • Sidney

    It doesn’t work either while I’m playing on PS4 and try to access it.

  • Chrome262

    I didn’t mean with pruned fingers, although I never have had the pruned finger problem and accessing my phone problem. I don’t often lay in the bath making phone calls. As for greasy fingers, I am sure mine haven’t been perfect, and I almost always get a good read. Now when its really cold out, I do have issues at times.

  • Chrome262

    Baring any issues with filthy fingers I rarely get miss reads, Although, I have stored left and right thumbs. also make sure when its taking in data I move my thumb around so it gets good thumb edge pictures.

  • Al

    It’s from learning the backstroke. There’s an app for that. Go through a lot of iPhones for some reason though. Something about not being waterproof.