Why Apple Ditched Yahoo Weather for the Weather Channel in iOS 8


iOS 8 is set to launch with a redesigned weather app, which will use data provided by the Weather Channel instead of Yahoo. Apple has been using Yahoo for weather data ever since iOS was released.

Re/code reports, the switch in services was allegedly organized by former Yahoo board member and current Weather Channel CEO David Kenny, who became CEO of the Weather Channel last year.

Kenny reportedly negotiated a deal with Apple that removed Yahoo as the weather data provider for iOS. In iOS 7 and earlier, Yahoo was the provider linked in the Weather app, however the actual meteorological data came from the Weather Channel.


As a result of the change, Kenny hopes to see a more feature-packed and robust version of the Weather app for iOS 8. An executive at Yahoo said:

“Yahoo had been renting ocean-front property for years and did not realize the lease was up, and the Weather Channel slipped right in and took it. It’s a high-profile loss.”

The news is a big loss for Yahoo, which wanted to increase its roll in iOS by becoming the default search engine. Only time will tell if Apple’s decision to drop Yahoo has its weather provider will have any impact on the company’s future involvement in iOS.

Apple is set to release iOS 8 this fall, presumably alongside the next-generation iPhone. Do you think the Weather Channel is a better choice for Apple and iOS? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Al

    The most important thing is not the bells and whistles or the coolness factor. It’s the accuracy. And the Apple weather app (new or old) is almost always wrong (in my area)… literally. I use the Weather Network, is has a much higher percentage of accuracy (in my specific area and the rest of southern Ontario).

  • Zeteboy

    The only job where you can always be wrong and never get fired…. A weather man

  • Nick

    I have the iOS 8 beta and I can’t understand how the apple Weather app and the Weather Network app can show me 2 completely different forecast… The apple Weather app is always wrong, wether in iOS7 with Yahoo’s data (that came from TWN anyway…) or in iOS8 with TWN’s data.

  • Al

    According to the above article, one or both apps (in’s not clear) user the Weather Channel… not the Weather Network.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    neither indicate humidex or windchill unless you dig

    gimme weather network

  • Nick

    True! I just checked the apple app and it is indeed using the weather channels data. Guess I’ll have to continue using TWN app…

  • Anon

    The Weather Channel app looks much better (aesthetically), is more detailed and accurate. It’s simply the best weather app out there,period.

  • Anon

    Try using the Weather Channel App, it’s way better, especially the iPad version. The Weather Network app with all the yellow and spammy banner ads looks like crap.

  • FragilityG4

    I look out the window …

  • MikeOxlong

    Use Intellicast. It is THE most feature packed and accurate weather app out there, especially in Ontario. The best part is the radar and sat motion overviews. They are accurate to within minutes when storms are around.

  • Rich

    I find Weatherbug to be the most accurate weather app. I live in Chicago, near Lake Michigan, and the temperature in my neighborhood can be 10 degrees cooler than it is a mile away. Weatherbug measures the temperature at a station a block from home. I find that all other apps I’ve tried give a general Chicago temperature.

  • ticky13

    …and into the future?

  • FragilityG4

    Sure! It’s not like meteorologist set the bar high!! It’s all guess work

  • Josh S

    I dropped Yahoo Weather App shortly after I got my iPhone 4, in Jan2011.
    It’s many serious location errors were all to too obvious.

    The CDN Weather Channel App has been doing an excellent job.

  • Josh S

    Update on Weatherman.
    Yes you can get fired if the weather is much worse than forecast.
    If the weather is much better than forecast, the weatherman is happy and the customers are both happy.

    Of course weathermen need to avoid being trapped in the Climate Change religion !

  • Aleksandar Matijaca

    It’s “role” not “roll” – I guess spell-checker didn’t catch it…