Will Siri Support Canada in iOS 5.1?



As we reported yesterday, screenshots showing official Siri support for Japanese were leaked by BGR. But, if these screenshots are to be believed then there’s a glaring absence of something near and dear to the hearts of Canadians: localization for Siri in Canada.

When the iPhone 4S first launched information about Siri was suspiciously absent from Apple Canada’s iPhone website. At iPhone in Canada, we dug deeper and found that while Canadian iPhone users who have access to Siri she wouldn’t be localized for looking up directions, restaurants, or some local information like the time (although we found a work-around for that).

According to Apple’s Siri website,

Maps and local search support will be available in additional countries in 2012.

With that in mind, we had hoped and continue to hope, that a major update like iOS 5.1 might finally bring Siri’s US-only localization features to Canada. Support for us would require Canadian English and French. But if the screenshots leaked yesterday are the real thing—and there’s every indication that they are—then we might have to continue waiting for Siri to be able to tell us where the best place to eat tacos is in town. Personally, I’m dying to find out!

What do you think? Will Siri finally support Canadian maps and local searches once iOS 5.1 is released?


  • FlyBoy_88

    I kinda feel like Canada got ripped off and the main attraction to the 4S… and if they do release an iPhone 5 this summer and Siri still hasn’t grown up in Canada yet… the carriers or Apple should allow us to early upgrade without fees to the new iPhone. Thats just my feeling, I should have just kept my iPhone if I was told Siri would NEVER really work in Canada!

  • FlyBoy_88

    Not Sure why, however my post was deleted.    Anyways I was saying… I upgrade from the 4 to 4S based on the huge selling feature which is Siri expecting it would be fully useable in Canada right away or soon after… However she has yet to grow up and I feel like Canadian’s got screwed on this and if Apple does release the iPhone 5 this summer that the carriers or Apple should allow those with 4S to upgrade early without additional fees, unless of course 5.1 does end up supporting Locations in Canada however that is appearing unlikely! 

  • Bluninja

    If there’s still no support then goodbye iPhone 4S, hello Galaxy Nexus.

  • I really hope that we will get the Canadian “version” of Siri…
    French in Siri needs to be adapted for us because right now the success rate is maybe 65%…
    But if set it to English, it will be at least 90% even if English is not my first language…

  • Cyruskafaiwu

    Yeah. I had problems using French Siri. So I switched to my native language, English Siri and I still had issues so I gave up.

  • Kinda sad but when the 4S came out i’d think 5.0 would be the launch version and 5.0.1  would add more then what it did including adding Canadian support. But we all have to get used to the fact that Canada gets the shaft in alot of ways.

  • Ron

    Why on earth does Canada need our own English language version?

    All we need is for the app to not restrict Google’s location services.  That doesn’t require a new language pack!

    As for Canadian French, that’s a fairly small audience compared to Japan, or even France.

  • even if you think that Canadian French is not important, it’s not a reason why Apple shouldn’t include it in Siri… 

    French and English are both officials languages in Canada… so Apple should support both of them in the same way… 

  • Anon

    Yup, Siri is completely useless in Canada.  Kinda makes me want to move to the US due to all of the crap we have to put up with here.

  • English

    As always, the french (crap) part of Canada is screwing it up for the rest of the country.  First with the crappy bilingual keyboards you see on laptops, and now Siri support.  They can’t release it in Canada because they have to support both frog (french) and English.

  • Even if it’s true… It does not give you the right to insult anyone… If you are not happy in Canada because some people speaks French, move elsewhere… Simple as 123…

    And for your keyboard, you can buy them everywhere in an US only format…

  • Jcramirez

    I just find out that if I ask Siri what’s the time? It’s answer now is
    The time is 9:45 am (example) and I don’t have to do the workaround so we may have be included in the next update

  • Ymous

    Trust me, its better, cleaner, safer life up here than down there. You would move just for a lame program??

  • Hugues Rivard

    Pretty lame comment here. Completely out of line!!!!!

  • Depends where, you can’t make a generalization like that about two whole countries. Been to Oshawa lately lol

  • BJFDragon

    I’ve would not have upgraded yet to the 4S if I’d known Siri would not be fully supported in Canada this long. Ripped off again !

  • Its up to them really what they support, if they decide not to make a different french database for canada its up to them. They could easily port over the existing french codex and later update the vocabulary no problem. Besides we all learn classical French in school. As for English, seriously the differences are minimal. Accents are issues no matter where you live.

  • It won’t be any better, other then the new one out there that is faster on 4G, the rest is pretty much the same. 

  • language isn’t the issue, they could use existing codex formats for now, its the locations that are the problem. Its a huge amount of data to integrate in, even with the help of bing and google. And remember we are not the only country they are doing this for. Also, the bandwidth issue are already happening, can imagine when the rest of the world gets Siri, that server is going to be hit hard, as well as bandwidth all over the world. 

  • CinePunk

     I can’t believe the ignorance of this user is allowed to remain in this comment stream.  There’s no place here for comments like this.  Completely disrespectful!

  • Anon

    Well that’s only a small part.  US has better mobile plans (compared to the big 3 rip-off up here), you have access to all the latest iOS and Apple devices first as soon as they get released, access to cheaper electronics and clothing, no BS taxes (HST), etc.  and many other things but I’d rather not get into.  By the way, there are many places in California and Oregon that are just as clean as Vancouver.

  • Anon

    Although this comment is a bit blunt, I do agree.  The bilingual language is holding Siri back.  Also with respects to the enforced bilingual keyboards on notebooks – the layout is annoying, and are a pain-in-the-ass to replace with a US version.

  • Anon

    The cars in the US are also 30% or so cheaper too. 

  • Reg_stamand

    stop complaining its canada freedom of spech

  • Dale

    I agree, the very small minority that actually want French is screwing up many things in Canada. Vendors that refuse to pay extra for bilingual labels, the bilingual keyboards on computers with the short shift and enter keys are a joke, I specifically buy from Dell only now, due to them offering U.S. keyboards.
    The SIRI issue is most likely political due to the “must support French” as well stance, that screws over 95% of the rest of Canadians.   I don’t have the official stats, but I would strongly bet there are more Chinese and Hindi speaking people in Canada than French, yet we don’t make that an issue for products.   But, as history shows, the squeeky (i.e. whiners) wheel gets the grease, and it only take a few to ruin it for the many.  
    To be clear I don’t have a problem with French, or The French, however I don’t think it is right or fair to force things on the rest of Canada when it screws over the many to satisfy a few.

  • Dale

    I agree, I feel I was ripped off with the 4S in Canada.  If I had known SIRI was useless in Canada I would have waited.

  • Anonymous

    I noticed this last week with the time, but location based info is still crippled. Hopefully it’ll be in the next update, but fixing the “what time is it” bug should have been a simple thing for Apple to do anyway (just unlink that specific query from Location Services).

  • Jcramirez

    I found a workaround for locations in Canada. Tell Siri
    How to get to new York if I’m in Boston and She will give you directions to new York from wherever you are
    It’s interesting

  • Anonymous

     While I do agree with the ignorance comment, I also cannot disagree with this comment.

  • Slyrobber

    Don’t let the door hit your ass as you go. Who needs you. Remember to Zeig heil the repugnicans for me. Fair weather Canadian. Oh wait your probably a Harperite.

  • Slyrobber

    Va chier mange de la marde. Ach look, penleira, and a va funcullo finocio malakia henzire etc There satisfied? Douchbag. Sorry forgot English. Quel con.

  • Hjncgjvc

    We need a new language pack for a number of reasons. News for one is extremely different spelling in Canada as well as many words in common use like colour (which my iPhone which I’m using now auto corrected to color ) which is part of the problem

  • Jonathan Dumas

     Poor little WASP. It won’t hurt you to open your mind and stop propagating this retarded rhetoric. Grow up.

  • Jonathan Dumas

     We are 7 millions in Qc alone and 95% of us speaks the wonderful french language.  So the truth is that yes, we are more than the Indian and Chinese communities.  As PM Harper recognized us as a nation we ought to have special rights and status. If you ain’t happy here is what you can do :

    Please oh please KICK us out. Elect a pro separatist party and *gasp* .. DO IT … if you can. There are reasons (althought you would not be able to understand them , with you poor intellect) that this never happened. But God knows how many tried. You’re welcome….

    Funny how I don’t give a shit about the rest of Canada . Why do you even care about me.

  • ne perd pas ton temps avec ce genre de personnes… ils pensent avoir LA vérité… alors que ce n’est de l’ignorance et/ou de la francophobie canadienne… 

  • iPhone 4S

    Just go to the store and downlode EVI

    Not as good as Siri but works in Canada.

    I’m in Montreal and the location feature works.

    Of course you will need to like a Brittish accent.


    Like I really hope that people who designed Siri we’re smart enought to realize that the majority of people in Canada speak “English” !!! The same english that the USA speaks. So I think it’s just laziness on their part. They should have had a special Canadian aired commercial saying Siri wasn’t available in Canada. I’m sure 90% of the people who bought one here in Canada, WOULDN’T have. Woulda kept my 4 cause it’s the same f%@$!!ng phone. It better be comin with the next update, or I’ll be getting an android and using this as an iPod. What a jip!

  • guest

    I don’t think it has anythign to do with language. I think it’s a licensing issue.  Does Siri location work anywhere other than the U.S.?  I don’t think Canada is being singled out…

  • charlitos

    Well obviously youre an idi0t. Quebec is the second most populated province in the entire country. You as English Canadian dont belong to Canada, you are just another immigrant unless you are from any of the aboriginal tribes so put that finger back up your little bum and shut the f## up.

  • charlitos

    Over 20% of Canadians speak French only while over 10% of Canadians speak both languages. That is about 35% of the country’s population. I dont know where that 95% came from but most likely it is a result of your lack of education about your own country and the size of your brain which kinda explain why you cant seem to understand that Canada does not belong to you.

  • TRB

    Siri can now tell me what time it as well as give me local weather details.  It must be using GPS to know where I am in Canada.  Not sure how long Siri has been able to do this but it couldn’t do it a few months ago.  Still can’t provide maps and directions in Canada.

  • Tminis

    Check the latest census bud, i’m pretty sure your numbers are way off. As a bilingual Canadian myself I recently did research on this and the french population in Canada has shrunk substantially in the last 10 years

  • Yansyt

    Quebec should seperate from Canada. Remove the ignorance like a severed limb.

  • lukin

    Quebec leave…not while their getting 7 billion annual handout.

  • Bobrien18

    Not buying the iPad 3 until Siri works in Canada.  Got it?


  • irritated

    HEY HEY HEY  thats quite not necessary! my fiance is french and I now live in quebec from Ontario and let me tell you this place takes care of its province alot more then ontario did!!!  And they deserve siri just as much as the “English hilly billy canadians” do  so watch the stupid racism it’s 2012~ jerk

  • irritated

    Have you looked at a map and really looked at how big Quebec is!? thats an awfully large chunk of canada to write off because they speak a different language.. Technically were an open country to all that want to live here be happy that they dont make it mandatory that ALL languages work here.

  • Cartman

    French Canada is the best Canada…. no the frogs got that wrong.

  • Douglas Robertshaw

    You can’t Just add those two numbers together and say 30% of Canadians speak French. At best 20% of Canadians speak French. Unless your numbers stated 20% only speak French but from what you wrote I find that unlikely.

  • Laserboy4

    Apple has how many tens of billions of dollars that it’s sitting on and they still can’t do English & French in Canada?  

  • Zackjyoung

    Nope have 5.1 and atill diesnt work dor canada

  • Jgallant_69

    Won’t be with 5.1.1, or 5.1.2 cause that just came today, and yep, Siri is still retarded in Canada!

  • Stevejobsfan

    I sure hope so, and also iPhone is just the tip of the shit pile when it comes to false advertising. Every other commercial today has a lovely demonstration to show how the product works for eg: those paper towel commercials that show there product wiping up everything you throw at it, while the “other guys” sheet can’t even wipe up a little liquid. This is just one example. Like I said iPhone (apple) is just the tip, which is all apple will give to Canada. I’ll bring the lipstick.

  • Redblaez

    Please, whatever you do, do NOT go nexus lol I’m an avid Samsung fan, currently owning 4 of their products and I can tell you from personal experience that the nexus is crap lol. Even the sales guy when I bought my phone advised me against it lol. The best Samsung galaxy phone right now is the galaxy s2 LTE only to be surpassed by the s3 this summer. The nexus is less in every feature except the OS, which is currently being pushed out to the other phones. However the s3 will come with upgraded OS anyways. Sorry if this seems harsh but figured you’d want a good phone that is the best of everything lol and android also has a voice program much like Siri as well.

  • Nyk0n

    Let’s put it this way…iPhone has by far the largest cut of the Canadia(é)n smartphone market. If Siri doesn’t support Canada searches like the US and other countries do and next month the Galaxy S III comes out and S Voice does work there are going to be a lot more pissed of iPhone owners and a lot of ship jumpers.

    One therory I have is constantly tell Siri different ways she sucks in Canada this should prompt a human response to be plugged into the server this should annoy them enough to start caring….maybe

  • Non

    hey Oshawa was rated in the top 3 places to live in ontario, having a university, college and a nice water front. that being said its still the dirty shwa

  • Mercedez11

    I recently found out that SIRI does not work in Canada. The media and things APPLE provided stated otherwise.
    I am in the process of commencing LEGAL ACTION as APPLE knowingly has misled people.

  • Canada

    I too would not have bothered to upgrade to the 4S had I known it would be years before Siri would have Canadian location services.

  • James

    I love how sensitive you all are, the fact that this was soposed to be about siri, and it got turned into a political debate 😛

  • asmartguy

    If you want them to leave maybe you should vote for Bloc Quebecois.

  • Had I known Siri wouldn’t work in Canada I never would have spent the money. English Quebecers are screwed again.

  • Bacon

    if its so large to worry about being written off, why is it that they want to write the rest of Canada off and start their own country. I say let them go, separate and let the rest of us get back to not carrying if labels are in french and English. we would prob care if guys like Jonathan under my post here actually gave a shit too !

  • baconsizzla

    EXACTLY, without the rest of Canada, Quebec would be broke and begging for a handout so whats the point….Its like a teenager complaining to their parents -“Thats it im moving out i cant take ur rules, BTW u you have to pay for my rent and food still though.”