Yahoo Mail Gets Smarter, More Powerful Search Features in Canada



Today, Yahoo announced new powerful search features in Yahoo Mail for Canadian users. The company says the new features will take you to exactly what you are looking for, faster.

The first new feature is a newly designed search results page for better navigation. The new results pages lets you view the message, photos, and documents with that keyboard or from that contact.


If you search for a contact name, you can choose to view messages, photos, and documents that were sent “from” or “to” that person or “all” that contain that contact.

Yahoo is also giving users the ability to sort emails by relevance instead of date. The company has developed a new search algorithm that helps you find the most relevant results.


The company has also included personalized spell correction, which learns over time based on the emails in your inbox and spelling habits. Users can now find all their photos with one keyword. By searching for “photos” or “pictures” you will get a results page that contains all your photos. Similarly, Yahoo will let you do this for documents.


  • runner

    Really good updates!

  • Taoko

    Has anyone tried to register for a new email? Seems like it can’t be down without a valid mobile phone number. Is this also part of the changes?

  • Not sure as I use Gmail.

  • Eastvanfan

    It will be interest to see in a week’s time if there is as much spam as there currently is. Out of Gmail, outlook, and yahoo, yahoo has the most junk mail.

  • Elaine Leung

    I don’t even know anybody who still uses Yahoo Mail…