Your Rogers’ Internet Fees Can Increase Even Though You’ve Signed a Contract


According to a new report from The Star, your Rogers’ Internet fees can increase even if you’ve signed a contract.

If you read the contract you will realize that you are only bounded by the amount of discount given to you when you sign up. In other words, if the regular monthly price of the plan changes, your discount will be applied to the new price which could cause an increase in the price you pay.

Colin Perkel, a journalist with The Canadian Press, took to Twitter after he found out that his rate would be going up by 16 percent shortly after he signed a contract. He asked:

“How is it that you can negotiate a one-year term total price with Rogers that they unilaterally increase two months in?”

Rogers told him that the $89.99 monthly price was subject to rate increases and only his $39.95 monthly savings was guaranteed for a year. Perkel called this absurd, saying:

“Rogers is arguing that the consumer didn’t contract for a fixed price, but for a fixed discount on a variable price.”

Rogers is not the only carrier in Canada that employs these rules. Other Canadian carriers also guarantee only the monthly promotional savings rate, not the monthly plan rate.

What do you think about the telecoms’ strategies for these wireless contracts? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Surveillance

    If people knew how to negotiate properly, they wouldn’t have these problems

  • Arushan

    It seems so hard to negotiate with them, they give you a discount which is pennies… The more you keep asking, they just keep responding with crap like this is best we could do and we can’t offer a better discount etc…

  • JonathanM

    Well Canadians are complacent and love to get screwed in the @ss by these corporations, they have no one else to blame but themselves

  • BeaveVillage

    Well my Rogers bill went up by $2 last month, no idea why. So far it has remained at the new price. Kinda sucks.

  • MeowMito

    Why the fack people still sticking with them?!? TekSavvy, Ebox, Start Communications, etc etc many other option. ~$50 mth for 50/10Mbps, ~$70 for 150/15Mbps

  • Widohmaker

    Always read the fine print.

  • Joe

    The comments below are ridiculous. How are individual Canadian consumers supposed to “negotiate” with Telecoms? Are you guys really that stupid?

    The consumer has no power in this equation. You’re one person against a balance sheet of millions of customers. The people here listing Teksavvy and other providers: those companies are just re-selling Rogers/Shaw. The customer has no recourse with these kinds of practices. That’s why we need the CRTC to regulate the Telecoms properly. Our government is supposed to be looking after voters, not greedy corporations.

  • It’s Me

    Retention’s? That just gets you a better price. They can still bend you over at any time they choose. Don’t kid yourself.

  • erth

    Rogers, can we get support for the apple watch 3 LTE yet? what they hell is taking so long???

  • George

    Rogers already said they won’t support Apple Watch 3 LTE and its e-SIM. They’ll think about it for the next Apple Watch.

  • erth

    too bad. back to bell.

  • El Cockblock

    May I ask where did this assertion come from? I’ve been waiting patiently for this @sshats to enable eSIM for a while now…

  • Salvador

    If they increase the price, you are free to cancel without penalty (except the balance on any subsidized hardware). Any other penalty is waived by law because they are changing the initial conditions. Even if they say you will have to pay, you will not. The law is in your favor, since you are canceling because they changed the price of the service (you have limited time to cancel due to price changes)

    That said, their customer service and loyalty reps are experts in negotiation, so if you go into negotiation, they will get you. You have to avoid that field. You have to get them into your field. Threaten them with cancelation because you “found” a better deal compared to the new price, but the old price is good enough to stay with them. They know the “public” offers from other providers, but they also know about the private offers all providers give to steal clients from each other, so it’s not hard to convince them you got a better deal (even if it’s not true yet).

    The last resource is their own offer for new clients. The same offer you got before the price increase, usually remain unchanged for new clients after the price increase. The new offer just has a bigger discount applied to keep the price unchanged. You can cancel your current contract (penalty free), then get a new contract with the same public offer for new clients. They will tell you “you cannot do that”. The news is, yes you can under a different name (your partner, or someone else living at same address). It’s like you are moving out and someone else moves in the day after. If you go this way, be sure to get first the new contract with an installation date before calling to cancel the current service, to minimize the down time without service.

  • George

    Mobilesyrup and Rogers Community Forums:

    ” Rogers, however, has informed us that it will not carry the Watch Series 3 for the time being, nor will its sub-brand Fido. In a statement to MobileSyrup, a spokesperson said: “We expect a lot of excitement around the new iPhone models and that is what we are focusing on. Rogers and Fido are not currently carrying the Apple Watch. Carrying the Apple Watch will be something we look at as we expand of our device portfolio.”

  • George

    Gary, your article includes a Rogers quote from December 5 of last year. The Rogers Community Forum I referred to earlier was last updated yesterday.

  • Renee

    Rogers is the worst company ever …. I remember rogers sending me a $8000 bill for my phone crazy and they always rasing fees even though i always ask if the fee will go up and those lying ass customer service agents always telling you no…they recently raise my Internet bill and then they have the same plan i have for cheaper and they telling me its for new customers only some bullshit ….

  • JoMore

    So what’s your solution for Canadians?

  • Mike

    This is in the contract people sign. They do not take the time to read it. I’ve been aware of this for years because I took the time to read the ToS.

  • John McClane

    I think is time for Canadians to get out and protest for something that matters, not for BLM or other stupid things. Canadians are together just on those gay parades etc., but when ICBC &… other companies are doing whatever they want with YOUR money, everybody’s taking it with smile on their face and complaining on Facebook.