Firecore Brings YouTube Back to Apple TV2 Users with New Plugin


Firecore, the makers of aTV Flash (black) for second generation Apple TV owners, has announced it has released a new YouTube plugin today to bring back the service after it was removed back in May by Google.

The new YouTube plugin for ATV2 allows for browsing of popular videos as well as searching for videos, channels, users, or playlists. We’re also working on a few other neat options for subsquent releases, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Atvb 26 yt

Any second generation ATV2 running Apple TV firmware 5.3 or later can install this YouTube plugin, available as part of aTV Flash (black) 2.6.

The company says updating to aTV Flash (black) 2.6 will require running the update from a Mac or PC. After this, subsequent updates will be available right on your Apple TV as before. Links for download are noted within user accounts under the Downloads tab.



  • 1His_Nibs1

    What is the current version of aTV Gary & what does jail breaking add?

  • Current version is third generation. Jailbreaking allows people to install Plex or XBMC as example, to really turn the unit into a media player.

  • Chrome262

    I still have youtube on my atv3

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    With Google allowing Kodi in their Store for their Crap-droid O/S, I am hoping Apple will relent and allow it too. Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick are not sold in Canada. I tried Raspberry PI and found it wanting.