Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging Pad Review: Made for iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus


Finally in 2017, wireless charging has landed for the iPhone, with iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X supporting Qi-compatible wireless chargers. Apple at its keynote event, highlighted wireless charging pads from their accessory partners Mophie and Belkin.

Here’s our quick take of the Belkin Boost Up wireless charging pad, which originally was priced at $69 CAD, but eventually quietly jumped $10 in price to $79. Belkin says they “worked closely with Apple to engineer an efficient and high-speed charging pad for iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8.”

IMG 0200

To start, the Belkin Boost Up comes in a matte white design on top and is powered by an AC adapter plug, which is removable from the charging unit. On top of the charger is a rubber ring, intended to keep your iPhone from sliding off. There’s also a small green LED on the side which lights up to indicate your iPhone is charging.

The glossy bottom of the Boost Up has a circular rubber pad, intended to stop the charger from sliding off your bedside table. Overall, the charger itself is fairly lightweight at 110 grams, while measures 11.4cm in diameter and has a thickness of 2.5cm.

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The Boost Up is capable of charging up to 7.5W and will do so through most lightweight cases on your iPhone. With iOS 11.2, Apple increased wireless charging speeds to support 7.5W, whereas before it was at 5W, same as the AC adapter that comes in your iPhone box.

So how exactly does the Boost Up perform in day to day wireless charging for an iPhone X? I found placement is quick tricky—you need to place your phone directly down in the centre for charging to take place. A naked iPhone X is also slippery on the Boost Up because of the glass back, which can be partly blamed on the rear camera bump. Belkin says this charger will work with cases up to 3mm thick.

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Charging also isn’t exactly the fastest, even at 7.5W (I’m used to charging with a 12W iPad charger). If you want to charge your iPhone faster, use an iPad charger or take advantage of Fast Charging via Apple’s 29W USB-C power adapter and a USB-C to Lightning cable (an expensive proposition).

Belkin says the Boost Up has an “intelligent wireless charging chipset” for overall performance efficiency, plus has a thermal protection sensor, along with an “enhanced foreign-object-detection circuit” for safer operation.

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While charging performance was alright if you have this by your office desk for the occasional boost (see what we did there?), we still find ourselves charging with a cable at night in bed with a 12W iPad AC adapter (coupled with a 6-foot AmazonBasics Lightning cable), as our iPhone battery is usually around 20 per cent. Also, if you’re the type that dozes off with an iPhone occasionally dropping on your face (damn you YouTube), being charged via cable means you’ll still have a fully juiced up phone in the morning.

Also, centre placement of wireless charging means if you accidentally bump your device off centre, you could end up with phone in the morning that’s not fully charged. Plus the LED light is extra light at night when you’re trying to sleep.

IMG 0001

I’d like to see a Belkin Boost Up in a stand design, which would ensure easy centre placement of the phone for hitting the ‘sweet spot’.

When it comes to price, paying $79 CAD for a Qi charger for iPhone X or iPhone 8/8 Plus seems expensive, when has a plethora of Qi wireless chargers starting at under $25.

But with Belkin’s Boost Up, you’re getting a charger that is made specifically for iPhone, so you can rest assured at night your expensive device can be charged safely, backed by a Connected Equipment Warranty, which says if a device is damaged by an electrical charge while connected to the charger, you can get up to $2500 in repair or replacement value. Belkin also offers up to 3 years of warranty for the charger if you register it online. With these factors in mind, you really need to consider the price to protect your premium device.

Overall, the Belkin Boost Up looks great and does what it intended to do, but it is seen as expensive when compared to other Qi wireless chargers out there, and also you do need to place your phone right in the centre to ensure it charges.

You can buy the Belkin Boost Up for $76.98 on, which is a couple bucks cheaper than and Best Buy. Let us know in the comments what Qi charging pad you’re using with your iPhone X/8/8 Plus.


  • Olivier

    My question is : if I use a charging pad plugged on my iPad charger, does it charge faster than a regular 5W plug ?


  • warpdrive

    I picked up a half dozen of the Seneo upright dock style qi chargers from Amazon. You can get 3 for the same price of the Belkin. They work great and keep the phone secure so there’s never a chance of not lining it up properly. They also have duel charge coils in them so you can also charge in landscape so you can watch whatever you like hands free and keep your device charged! The dock says it outputs 10w…… I’m asuming it would charge just as fast as the Belkin?

  • warpdrive

    I would think so. It should charge up to the rating of the wall plug or the qi charger, which ever is lower. But if you have say a 10w output charger plugged into the original iPhone 5w charger….. me thinks the qi charger would have max output of 5w…

  • Eric

    Does it charge 2?

  • Two phones? No

  • FragilityG4

    As long as the wireless pad is rated for quick charge. The pad I got had two options, regular charge and quick charge. Mine also did not come with the brick so I use the iPad brick. But I only have to charge my iPhone X at night so at this point it doesn’t make a difference for me.

  • If you look at the size of the charger, and he said placement of the phone was an issue, there’s simply no room. Can also see this in the picture above. Someone didn’t read the review… -nudge nudge-

  • Olivier

    I have a fast charge comparible charger, great to know ! I also only happen to charge it at night, battery life on iphone 8 and X is amazing.

  • No. That’s 10W for QuickCharge 2/3 which isn’t compatible with iPhones. iPhones will charge at the standard 5W, and cannot/won’t take advantage of the full 10w

    I know this because I too was going to buy a 10W, and read from many sellers in the item description that the new iPhone charges at standard speed.

  • Olivier

    Thanks, yeah i have my iPad charger plugged into the wall which is conncted to my Fast Charge charger mat.

  • warpdrive

    I see. Good to know. Oh well….. it would charge at 5w I guess. I’m fine with that as it is essentialy the speed The iPhone charger brick outputs. It’s fast enough for me. Perhaps if Belkin or Mophie had a dock style I would have had a look, as I don’t much care for the flat disc type chargers. I also read an artical stating after tests, the difference between the 5w and 7.5w is relatively insignificant….. which is odd as you would think there would be a large difference in charging speeds.

  • Gh0st8

    iPhones support 7.5W charging as of iOS 11.2, so the charge would take advantage of it… I also have the Seneo charger along with an Anker that supports 10W, but we’re limited to 7.5W… They work great, and a lot better than spending $80+tax on the overpriced Belkin and Mophie chargers.

  • That’s incorrect. The 10W wireless chargers are designed for QuickCharge ready devices like Samsung and such, QuickCharge for Samsung won’t work on an iPhone, different style of charging.

    If you don’t believe me, check the people selling them, and the people reviewing them, they all say the same thing. It’s also in the item description, just have to read them.

    I too have that same wireless charger, it’s standard charging.


    Proof of what I just said. Taken right from the wireless charger you mentioned. Took 45 seconds of reading the item description.

  • Wendy

    I have the Belkin, but haven’t used it yet as I need a USB and not wall adapter/plug. Does anyone sell a USB adapter that will plug into the charging station?