Canucks Live 2011.12 iPhone/iPad App Download Now Available with AirPlay


The Canucks Live app for the 2011-2012 NHL season has finally hit the App Store. Launched a couple days ago, the 33.2MB download this time around also brings support for the iPad.

The Canucks Live app will bring live televised games to your iPhone and iPad over both WiFi and 3G. The cost once again is $9.99, which isn’t bad considering you will get to watch the rest of the regular season from Rogers Sportsnet, and once again it’s limited to BC/Yukon users only.

Ten dollars is pretty decent to be able to watch Canucks games on both your iPhone and iPad from anywhere. Games are streamed by NHL Gamecenter.

Enhance the Official Canucks app with this NHL® companion app and watch Rogers Sportsnet and Sportsnet One games live (for BC and Yukon users only).

This app adds live game streaming, highlights and condensed games to the Official Canucks App, as well as game previews, recaps, schedule and real time scoring for all users. Getting you even closer to your favourite team. Live streaming, highlights and condensed game video available ONLY to users located in the Province of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. Users located outside of these areas will not be able to watch games.


This new version of the app comes enabled with AirPlay–and it works great. I was able to stream the game to my Apple TV with average quality. Still though, the game was watchable. Even if you don’t get this app, you can still listen to Team1040 on your iPhone.

As of writing, the iPad version has free access to other NHL games as well! Bonus!

Click here to download Canucks Live 2011.12–it’s $9.99.


  • Anonymous

    I would’ve downloaded it,but here in Toronto i’m stuck watching the crap leafs. I don;t know why its $10 and only Vancouver or Yukon.

  • anybody know if watching the live games won’t count towards your data plan like the app was last year?

  • Anonymous

    Do you need to be Rogers customer or will it work on Fido also?

  • SB

    _BC_ & Yukon!

  • How the hell do you get this to work? It only lets me watch games that the Canucks aren’t playing?

  • Tonight’s game versus SJ is on TSN. The app only shows Rogers Sportsnet games.

  • Anonymous

    Warning: This App Does NOT Include all the games!!!!

    I bough this app a couple of days ago to watch the Canucks games.  I don’t have TSN at home or the sports channels and thought I would watch the games. Well tonight there was a game on and my iPad & iPhone are both alerting me of scores etc. but there is no icon to watch the game on the schedule AND there is nothing in the app that tells you WHY!!!I reported the issue to their online support first and this is the default email I got back:Canucks Live only includes Canucks games broadcast on Sportsnet Pacific and Sportsnet One, tonight’s game is on TSN and therefore is not included.Well, it DOES NOT SAY that some games are blacked out in the app description so I feel cheated.  I called the support line and spoke to a customer service rep.  who was horrible.  The guy was extremely rude and treated me like I was a moron because I didn’t know which network the game was being broadcast tonight on and that he felt the app description clearly described what I was buying. I told him I disagreed and wanted to speak with a manager.  Apparently no manager was available and I will see if I get a call back.  Anyway.  This app will get you SOME of the games  – the same ones that are free on your computer to stream!  They just simply needed to update their description to fully describe what you are buying.  It is not an app to watch all of the canucks games.

  • That’s frustrating to find out that way, but the app only displays Rogers Sportsnet games. Tonight’s game vs the Sharks is on TSN.

  • I’m trying to find that out as last year if you were a Rogers customer it didn’t count towards your data plan.

  • Guest

    Because if you’re outside BC and Yukon, you can just get the NHL Gamecentre app and watch the Canucks on it. BC/Yukon residents can’t use NHL Gamecentre because the Canucks games are blacked out (as Leafs games will be blacked out for you).

  • Sbrown

    I’ve purchased this app and it won’t load now! It has only loaded three times since I purchased. Just keeps crashing & goes back to my main screen on my phone. Anyone have any ideas??