Cross Border Gas Savings Calculator iPhone App Updated: 25 Free Promo Codes


Update 1: Looks like all the promo codes have been used.


Do you drive to the U.S. to get gas? The savings can be substantial if you live close to the border. We previously reviewed the app Gas Runner (developed by Vancouverite Jamie Fraser), and he has now released a massive update to his app. Now called Cross Border Gas Savings Calculator ($0.99), it does the same as before but has a brand new interface. Tracking your fuel savings over time doesn’t get any easier than this.

To celebrate his latest update, we have 25 promo codes up for grabs. Try out Cross Border Gas Savings, and let us know what you think of it below! First come, first serve. Good luck! BTW, here’s how to redeem a promo code on your iPhone.





Let us know which promo code you grabbed in the comments!


  • This Goes Nowhere

    PPNLA4LL77AX taken, thanks.

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    Used 67P34AAYKYWJ thanks!!

  • MRXPJ6XEA3AP, Thanks.

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    Grabbed this code: E9R9X34EKKJL

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    MXLNFTHJ794J  done , thank you!

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  • They’re all taken now. That was fast. 🙁

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    They are all used. I missed out.

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    I thought there were 25 promo codes up for grabs…I count 20…?

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    anyone know how to fix fido voicemail indicator? my voicemail indicator doesn’t work

  • I live in Windsor, ON which is right on the border with Detroit. I often wonder if it’s worth it to go over and buy my gas in the U.S. The prices that are represented in the screenshots are actually pretty close to current prices and that particular trip saved the user $14. However, it may be useful if you could factor in the cost of the trip to get the gas. 

    In my case, it costs $8.75 in bridge fees ($4.75 to U.S. and $4.00 back to Canada). Then there’s the expense of driving to a gas station that is a few miles farther than my neighbourhood gas station – $5.00 at the most. So there’s 13.75 added to the cost of going to save $14.22. That’s less than a buck’s worth of saving. I’ll save the buck on the app and support my local gas station owner at the same time. If the savings per fill-up was actually $14, I’d think it was worth, but right now, not so much.

  • Yup, and should also include currency conversion fees and credit card fees.  Been nailed on that in the past, when I was over charged on a purchase, and instead of cancelling the initial transaction & re-doing it, they refunded the difference. I had to pay transaction fees both ways. Cost me about 10% at the time.

  • Kraken

    You also have to factor in the hassle of having to deal with anal customs agents plus the off chance of getting pulled over and questioned for an 1 hour or so, as well as border lineups.  Not worth it if you are going to the US specifically for gas.