First Look: Hands On With Delivered Card Made by Apple’s Cards App


When Apple finally released their new Cards app, I immediately placed an order to test out the service. Apple announced the Cards app the day of their Let’s Talk iPhone event, where we all learned about the iPhone 4S.

I placed an order on October 12th, and my card shipped the next day. How long would an ordered card take to arrive in Canada? Today, I received it in the mail via Canada Post letter mail. So from the time I placed my order to the time it hit my mailbox it took 13 days. Would it have arrived faster if the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday didn’t fall within that period? Maybe.

Making and Ordering your Card is Dead Easy

Placing an order was extremely easy with the Cards app. I just chose a photo and away I went. Logged into my iTunes account when promoted to place the order. Only orders shipped by the USPS will be eligible for Push Notifications to inform users cards have been received. Here’s how my card looked like below:

Also, the invoice noted a $2.50 for the card and $2.49 for postage, with HST included in the total $4.99 CDN price.

Here’s how the card looked like when it was received:

The envelope shows it was processed in Kansas City, and a 98 cent USA stamp is affixed with an image of Grand Teton National Park, in Wyoming. The fonts of both the address and return address are exactly as I configured it in the Cards app.

The card quality itself was not glossy but had a matte finish, but the image looked pretty good. The paper itself resembled card stock that was as thick as a Hallmark card, but more bendable. The border I chose was embossed into the paper, rather than printed on, which was nice. There is nothing on the back of the card.

For $4.99 CDN including postage, a custom-made card by the Cards app offers incredible value. Postage in Canada starts at $0.59, so you’re paying $4.40 to send a card straight from your iPhone, worldwide. The convenience alone is worth the price–Apple has a definite winner here.

Let me know how your received cards have turned out!


  • Sam

    You sent a card to yourself to tell yourself to enjoy your new driving machine? 😉

  • mvakleko

    This reminds me of that Mr.Bean Christmass Skit…hahaha..

  • Nick

    Wait – so what you’re saying is they said postage costed $2.49, but the stamp on it confirms it was only 98 cents?

  • Anonymous

    It’s just one flat fee and you can send it anywhere in the world… Remember it’s a custom made card!
    Why would they pay the international stamp price to send it north when they can save a few cents and use a cheaper postage… And it doesn’t even cost $2.50 for an international stamp

  • Red

    Wow, more racemixing propaganda from Apple. 

  • Anonymous

    Very cool. I like

  • twitchy

    I tried to make one, but I am one of many that are having issues with the CVV prompt

  • Nick

    Got it.. Well if it’s one fee and you can send it anywhere worldwide that’s pretty cool then

  • Jbohn

    In other news, the iPhoneInCanada website business is doing quite well!

  • Racemixing propaganda?  LOL…get a life…that’s the world you live in.  Most people are beyond the notion of race now.

  • Victor

    cheap and easy for one card, its to obad that it took that long though. not to mention that sending a card to a family (say maybe 15? = 75) not feasible at all…

  • ann

    Tried to order but always get the “Please Update your account” message.
    My account is fine for buying apps. I’m using a Visa card with all the correct info.
    Curiously though I switched to my American account with a Vanilla MC and it worked fine, but not from my Canadian account. Thoughts?

  • Poopster

    Hallmark Cards is based in Kansas City.
    It’s likely, that’s who makes the cards.

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit Gary, is that your car? Apparently you do quite well for yourself!

  • iamlynda

    Very cool for the convinience. To buy a card @Hallmark you’re looking at $3-$8 then add postage, and extra postage if your card is over-sized. Would be nice if they came out with smaller cards (with cheaper rates, say pack of 10 for $XX) during holidays like Christmas when a person may like to mail to more than one person. Hopefully they’ll continuously add more designs – each category has exactly the same designs

  • Jetsonjoe

    Well, I have not used the Card service that mails your cards…BUT…I have used the card service on iPhoto to make Christmas cards….now truthfully more expensive than a cheap box of cards…These were $1.49 each, however…no one will have this unique and awesome card that I created for our family Christmas….It is stunning….and of a good size…5″ w x 7″ h…amazing…nothing cheap about these cards…they are just gorgeous…
    That said…i have to keep from showing everyone the results until they receive it for Christmas…
    And as a very occasional user…they are simply first rate. 
    I have used the iphoto book option for sharing vacations photos of the kids for relatives….and these have been hands down unbelievably a hit with everyone receiving one…with several relatives asking to buy a copy for themselves…and for me to make one for them of their kids…as they do not have a Mac computer…Hmmm as little business possibility. 
    Apple as always makes great products with a first rate users experience….Love my Mac.  

  • mapperDB

    I ordered one and LOVED the cards! Will use the app to send out all my christmas cards!

  • guest

    Gary, if you made the card on Oct. 14th, when did you receive it?