iPhone Under Siege – Siege Hero App Review [Video]


There is no denying the success of Angry Birds. It’s hard to go anywhere these days without seeing those birds and pigs. They’re on shirts, they’re toys, they’re fruit snacks, pretty much they’ve taken over the world.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise there are those trying to capitalize on that success. Siege Hero from Armor Games Inc. borrows a lot of the look and feel of Angry Birds. There are of course a few new tricks to this 2D game with cartoony graphics.

Gone are the pigs and birds, instead replaced with rocks and ancient warriors. Siege Hero gives you a first person perspective as you have to hurl rocks at the structure head on, instead of launching birds from the side.

But the object of the game is still the same. Knock over the structure, killing the enemies in as few shots as possible. As you progress the levels get more difficult, and you even have to try to complete some by killing the enemies, and not killing the innocent bystanders on the screen. It can make for some challenging game play.

If you love Angry Birds, you’ll love Siege Hero.

So what do you think? Fun addictive game, or just a cheap Angry Birds knock off?


  • Chevroletmb

    Love the game. Much better than angry birds

  • Anonymous

    I’m hooked..

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Ever heard of spellcheck? Man, the authors/bloggers sure are getting lazy.

  • Johnny_Drama

    Huh? Where are the errors? Go troll elsewhere….

  • Johnny_Drama

    I love this game, great vid review.

  • Zz

     “Bids and Pigs”? What I don’t see any spelling errors anywhere!

  • Anonymous

    He’s right. There is errors. But I do agree. Go troll elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t seem to  get into games like these :S angry birds has been sitting in a folder untouched for over a year now

  • randyritraj52

     Spellcheck wouldn’t even catch “innocent by standards” which makes absolutely no sense.  Maybe if it said “innocent bystanders” then maybe I’d take this article a bit more seriously.

  • More addictive than Angry Birds.

  • Anonymous

    Before you start suggesting they’re stealing design from Angry Birds it might be worth looking at the history of the developers. Their earlier game, Crush the Castle, has been seen as the ‘inspiration’ for Angry Birds. If you look at the gameplay for the games you’d seen very, very similar traits. Angry Birds just did a better job in presentation and marketing so arguable Siege Hero is just a shifted perspective version of their original game. It’s also brilliant and incredible value at $1. 

  • Mike

    I couldn’t agree more.