Must Have: Bing Top 100 Songs iPhone App, 1949-2009


Are you a music lover? If you are, then the following iPhone app is a MUST HAVE! Our fine friends from Microsoft, as you may already know have a search engine, appropriately named Bing. To market Bing’s iPhone resurgence, they are offering their Bing Top 100 Songs by Year, from 1949-2009, for FREE. This app is regularly priced at $1.99, but currently free.

Oh, and it’s US only, so you will require a US iTunes account to download it.

An Awesome App for a Blast to the Past

The Bing Top 100 Songs by Year app is pretty awesome. You just select a year and songs play immediately. You’ll see album art, plus links are included to download the song via iTunes. You can view the entire Top 100 list of songs by year, and preview them, but entire songs are only available via shuffle. It’s still fun to select a year, let it play and just enjoy your hot-tub-time-machine music experience vicariously through Bing. PS – music from the 80’s and the 90’s is awesome.

Here’s the description:

Hear thousands of the greatest songs of all time.

This $1.99 app is offered for FREE by Bing for a limited time.

Please help keep this app free longer by downloading the Bing app now.

What were the top songs for 2009, the year you were born or graduated from high school?

Spin the wheel to find the year you want to hear. Click and listen. View the list to find the #1 song for that year, from 1947 to 2009.

These lists are not solely based on the Billboard charts and record sales, instead, these are lists of songs that have stood the test of time based on their initial and lasting popularity, and on their impact on the overall scope of musical history.

Feedback is welcome at

The songs are streamed in shuffle mode like a web radio station through 3G, Edge or Wi-fi.

Coupled with Backgrounder, and your Griffin iTrip Auto Pilot, your commutes are going to start being a bit more enjoyable. The app works over 3G and WiFi. Glad you got that 6GB data plan now? ๐Ÿ˜‰

What I found strange was being able to listen to REAL music, that doesn’t contain a lick of ‘autotune’. Gee, they sure don’t make music like they used to, eh? Here are some screenshots below of your favourite songs of the past:

Click here to download the Bing Top 100s iPhone App! Let me know if you love this app as much as I do!



  • djepsilon

    Pretty sweet app if it wasn't for all the Bing advertisements! Would have been nice for my 90's party I had a couple weeks ago, lol.

    Now, if someone could just make a torrent with all these tunes included, HA! iTunes should sell massive decade packs in the store and give them a big discount. Like top 500 songs from 1990-2000 for $249.99… I'd consider it!

  • Andre

    why does US always get free stuff? ๐Ÿ™

  • shane kingerski

    thank you so much for telling me about this app i love it !

  • Yeah, but th Bing ads don't interrupt your songs unlike AOL Radio. Still, totally worth it considering we get to listen to all of these 'oldies' for free! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Welcome to Canada! Just create a US account it's not that hard.

  • You're welcome! I love this app!

  • djepsilon

    Tru dat. Plus it works over BT in the car. I listened to the Thong Song today while driving… How many people can say they did THAT today?

  • Good 'ol Sisqรƒยณ. We have a lot to thank him for!

  • LoWd0Wn

    Yes many many thanks
    It is great!!

  • LoWd0Wn

    Yes many many thanks
    It is great!!

  • Brobelle5

    Bing music app isn’t here anymore!! ๐Ÿ™ I DON’T HAVE IT!! sad