Opera Mini for iPhone Updated–Finally It’s Bearable


When Opera Mini first debuted on the iPhone, millions of people downloaded app. Turns out, the experience just plain sucked. Yesterday, the Opera team just released version 6.0 for iOS devices, and it brings a much improved interface:

What’s New In Version 6.0
Enjoy the fresh new look of Opera Mini 6 without compromise. Get all the speed benefits and data savings of Opera Mini, now optimized for all iOS devices.

Updated features include:
â–º Updated design with a fresh new look and feel
â–º Super smooth pinch-to-zoom and panning
â–º Support for iPhone 4 retina display, iPad, and iPad 2 devices
â–º Direct share on Facebook, Twitter, and My Opera
â–º Open new page in background tab
â–º Improved international font support for Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, and other non-latin languages

I tested out Opera and the new design and experience is much better than before. They should’ve released this version as their first build. Zooming in and out of web pages before was an atrocious experience but now it’s caught up to speed to Mobile Safari. Browsing speeds were good over 3G. I did really enjoy the feature to open pages in the background, and hope Apple will adopt something similar in iOS 5.

Click here to download Opera Mini–it’s free.

What do you think of it? Have you still been using Opera all this time? The last time I asked, all I heard were crickets in the room.


  • Anonymous

    It is very significantly improved. However scrolling is still terrible and it still has all the caveats of a proxy browser, like authentication problems and poor execution of JS after the page has loaded.

    I still wish Safari would adopt Speed Dial/bring Top Sites to iOS (it’s an extremely logical feature for a phone) and something like Opera’s tab management. However it’s nowhere close to enough to make me switch, especially because Safari’s speed improvements in 4.3 put it on pretty equal ground with Opera Mini in terms of rendering speed which was it’s only previous advantage.

  • Yeah the update is much appreciated after all the original ‘hype’ around the
    browser. It still doesn’t ‘feel’ right, but is a great alternative to Mobile
    Safari, which is still king.

  • It brings up the mobile version of websites made for feature phones, not made for the iPhone. Even facebook and google. Let me access the real website please. “Mobile view” appears to be off, but it doesn’t do anything. Bug?
    Good update, but still not a real browser alternative.

  • Nucks4daCup

    It sucks. End of story


    Atomic Web Browser is waayy better with the amount of customization you can have.. and it even has a lite version…

  • Nick

    I would say it’s still not bearable due to these bugs:
    -it incorrectly displays pages designed with iWeb (,
    -it loads the wrong mobile version of websites (
    -autocorrect and spell check don’t work anywhere in the browser
    -their bug reporting tool wouldn’t let me submit these bugs because it said I didn’t answer every requires field, even though I did, then it reset and wanted me to start again from the top (typing everything out without autocorrect again, forget that…)