The Globe and Mail News iPhone App Now Available

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The Globe and Mail has been releasing its own dedicated iPhone apps recently, compared to the first collaboration with Spreed. A previous edition we’ve looked at was the Politics edition. The latest to hit the App Store is The Globe and Mail: News edition, which went live today.

The layout is simple and easy to read, and the app features ‘pull to refresh’ on the main page. You can customize which sections you want to see on the main page, plus there’s the ability to share stories on twitter/facebook. You can also change text size. 

One design feature I like is how section colours match those of the Globe and Mail website. It makes it very easy for me to quickly find the sections I want. As for improvements, I’d like to see Instapaper integration sometime in the future.

globe and mail globe and mail

The Globe and Mail: News app is free. Click here to download, and let me know what you think!

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  • steve81

    It’s worth nothing that this app is also Universal, while there was two separate spread apps for iPhone and iPad. I’ve deleted the old spreed apps, this is much better.

  • Supergoop

    Does the new version have “Offline” reading like the previous app with Spreed? I searched and found it in the App store but they may have just pulled it because I get and error when I try to view it.

  • Supergoop

    It just downloaded the new Globe and Mail app it and it doesn’t appear to have Offline reading. The previous Spreed version was great for reading offline during the subway commute without internet access. To make matter worse, the old Spreed version is no longer updating (at least for all day today). Did they discontinue it?

  • Supergoop

    I like the Spreed version better simply for the Offline reading. This is essential for the subway commute.

  • Anonymous

    No offline viewing and crashes frequently. This release was not ready for prime time. They should continue support for the spreed version until the bugs are worked out

  • Anonymous

    A few of the Spreed products I have tried have been very sluggish to load and update – and almost all of the reviews for Apps that use them say the same. Disappointing. It doesn’t do the Apps’ providers any favours if Spreed can’t create faster and more stable products for them.

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