Freedom Mobile’s Ongoing $40/6GB and $50/8GB Promos Now Called “The Fall Data Event”


Freedom Mobile has brought back their weekend promo plans again, but this time they’re being extended longer and dubbed part of their “Fall Data Event”.

Here’s what’s available, again:

  • $40/month: 6GB data, unlimited Canada-wide calling, global text
  • $50/month: 8GB data, unlimited Canada/USA calling, global text + 1GB data on the Freedom Away Network (Canada/USA), 2400 minutes to the Canada/USA

Freedom fall data event

The fine print says these “offers” end October 2, 2017.

With iPhone 8 and 8 Plus launching today and supporting Freedom’s Band 66 LTE (and iPhone X), many users are already testing their iPhones with the company’s network.


  • Olley

    you can change name from one to another but a pile of shit is still a pile of shit.

  • Tim

    Unless Freedom charges less than what I pay Koodo every month for 8GB, they can take a hike. I currently pay $50.85 after tax.

  • winnertakesteve

    Dang there’s some shade in the comments for this deal, but I’d gladly take it over the $67 I’m paying fido on a grandfathered 6gb plan where the only alternatives they offer me are far far worse. Also my overage fees are insane.

    But freedom coverage is my main concern at this point.

  • SOB

    Switched over to Freedom Mobile this past Friday. Seems to be working fine except for Facetime and imessage. Those services are not working from my iphone 6. Went into Freedom Mobile store today and whatever the guy tried didn’t work including a new SIM card. He suggested removing your device from icloud and resigning back in. Did that and still the same. Off to make a trip to their warranty centre. The guy said they might be able to help.