Freedom Mobile iMessage/FaceTime Activation Issues Plaguing Some iPhone Users


Freedom Mobile finally launched iPhone sales back in December, marking a defining moment for the company to truly compete against the ‘Big 3’.

But it hasn’t been all fun and games for some iPhone users on Freedom Mobile, as new activations and people porting over from Rogers, Telus or Bell have been suffering from iMessage and FaceTime activation issues.

When people try to enable iMessage, they’re getting the message “Activation unsuccessful. Turn on iMessage to try again.” (Image via Reddit)

Freedom mobile iphone imessage problem

Many iPhone users on have been voicing their displeasure on Reddit, with some waiting up to 11 days for iMessage or FaceTime to finally activate. People are able to send messages with their Apple ID, but iMessage and FaceTime won’t work with their Freedom Mobile numbers.

For now, there is not quick fix, other than waiting for iMessage to eventually activate on Freedom Mobile. Some users noted to make sure you had “+1” before your phone number via Settings > Phone, as that may help resolve this activation bug.

iMessage activation issues aren’t exactly new to longtime Freedom Mobile customers, as before when it was known as WIND Mobile, users had similar issues activating iMessage on their iPhones in 2015.

The issue appears to linked to the Freedom Mobile network—we’ve reached out to the company for comment on this issue and will update this article accordingly.

Have you had any issues with iMessage and FaceTime activation on Freedom Mobile?

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  • Jetfire

    It works instantly for me since porting over from Fido in August but I do believe this is an ongoing issue for many and especially dozens reports from reddit to howardforums.

  • McHuman

    Maybe the 8 devices forwarding has something to do with it? lol

  • Dennis Torregoza

    I do have the same issue. I didn’t port, new activations for two numbers. Freedom escalated the issue to their “network engineers”. It’s been 7 days now. Also Apple has escalated it on their end.

  • Dennis Torregoza

    It should have no issue with that

  • colinbendell

    Yes. It happens every time I travel and do a SIM card swap. 11 days is the average. Sooo painful.

  • raslucas

    I ran into this at first. It corrects itself eventually, it’s annoying for sure.

  • RickysCV

    I never had any issues with either iPhone I got with Freedom. There’s got to be a reason why some are having problems. Very strange.

  • Debra Keresztes

    Yes, I have had issues for weeks. I’m super annoyed.

  • Debra Keresztes

    I hate my email showing for every text.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    There used to be a website some guy created out of the goodness of his heart to fix this issue for Wind and Mobilicity users. All you had to do was copy and paste a garbled txt message sent from Wind or Mobilicity into the website and presto, it all started working. Apparently Wind and Mobilicity weren’t interested in fixing it themselves – or weren’t smart enough to figure out how and too proud to ask the dude that made the website how he did it. Sounds like Freedom still hasn’t figured it out after all these years.

  • El Dandy to the Rescue

    I remember I had this problem when I was thru what was then Wind. I had to change carriers as I moved out of their area but it floors me that this is still an issue. Get it together Freedom

  • Dehop

    I did that for a friend and it only worked for a couple days, then iMessages would start failing again. She switched to Telus shortly afterward.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Interesting. It kept working for me, but I was on Mobilicity.

  • Alex Frechette

    Been fighting with them for two weeks now getting a little bit on edge!

  • Dallas Groot

    People don’t realize how the activation process works… this isn’t a freedom mobile issue rather than apples activation service. You see when you turn on iMessage, a ghost text will be sent to the phone, this is hidden from the user, but it will be in baseband log. This message sends a unique identifier that makes sure the number is actually valid. The phone will (in the background) send a confirmation message. I know I sometimes have issues sending SMS messages with freedom. But I think this is actually apples servers not functioning properly.