Snapseed Is The Only Photo Editing App You Need [Video Tutorial]


I take a lot of pictures using my iPhone 4S and I really like editing them before I post them on Facebook or Twitter. So I always get asked what photo editing app to I like best and which one do I use the most.

The answer to both questions is always the same. Snapseed from Nik Software.

I’ve used and tried a lot of different photo editing apps, but I always come back to Snapseed for its ease of use and hat it can do. However, when I follow up with people I recommend this app to, I find many of them haven’t tried it because they’re a bit intimidated by all the changes you can make and even the price.

So I figured I’d make this quick video tutorial on just the basics so you can see just how easy this app is to use, and how powerful an editing tool it is. For only $4.99, you can’t go wrong. It’s well worth your hard earned money. Plus, it’s a universal app, so it works on your iPad as well.

Do you use Snapseed? If so, why do you like it? And if not, what photo editing app do you use most?


  • Kraken

    All you really need is Camera+.  Great camera app + editing features.

  • Pete

    I’ve been using PhotoGene (Photogene2 on iPhone) on both the iPhone and iPad. It has a lot of features and does more than what I need. Great on both platforms.

  • Thanks for this awesome review of Snapseed!

  • Camera+ is also a really good one. I like to use it for taking pictures. I find it offers more in that regard. But eyes, Camera+ is very good as well.

  • Another strong photo editing app. What I like about Photogene2 is the ability to do collages.

  • You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed it and hopefully it was helpful.

  • Mike

    Although I grabbed Snapseed when it was FREE, I really hadn’t got a handle on using it until your video stepped me through it. Now, I have the confidence to make it my standard image editor on my iPhone and iPad. Thanks for taking the time to step through the basics.

  • L-Diggity

    Thanks for the great overview of Snapseed.  I just downloaded the app and your tutorial was very helpful.

  • Erica

    thank you for this tutorial! SUPER helpful!

  • I have always wondered how to do that!

  • great review

  • its great apps i am using it its working great for me.

  • Clipping Masking

    amazing photoshop tutorial!

  • Snapseed is an amazing photo editing app for iPhone. I have also used this app for my wedding photo editing. It is very easy to use.