Apple Lists Rogers and Fido as Authorized iPhone Unlockers


In December of 2010 we wrote about Rogers/Fido and their new device unlocking policy, which included the iPhone at the end of your contract. After paying a $50 unlocking fee, the process happens via iTunes, as we detailed. Telus introduced a new device unlocking policy in November of last year, but it did not detail if it included the iPhone or not.

Apple’s iPhone support document page clearly details which “Carrier offers authorized unlocking”. Out of seven official iPhone carriers that list, only three are listed as authorized to unlock your iPhone: Rogers, Fido and SaskTel.

If you consider the money spent in your contract over the duration of three years, you would think your device would be unlocked for free, instead of paying yet another fee. It’s no wonder more and more people now choose to order factory unlocked iPhones from Apple to avoid device upgrade headaches year after year. Let alone a factory unlocked iPhone is the envy of the world.

The chart also lists which carriers lock their iPhones, offer Visual Voicemail, MMS, and Personal Hotspot.

AT&T and Verizon in the U.S. are listed, but they do not offer device unlocking. Our neighbours down south will be able to purchase factory unlocked iPhone 4S units in November, whereas Canada was able to pre-order unlocked units right on October 7th.

The iPhone 4S is set to debut on October 14th, with Canadian pre-orders already shipping. The iPhone 4S has already exceeded 1 million pre-orders in 24 hours for Apple, a new record.

Update 1: Make that just Rogers and Fido now.

Thanks Beetle!


  • BurleyShells

    I think it’s stupid that we have to wait until the end of the contract to unlock te phone. Even If we want to unlock and travel with it or something, we are still bound by the contract so I don’t see why it matters

  • Anonymous

    You might also consider that buying an unlocked iphone 4S only gives you that privilege on GSM & not CDMA so although in theory you have a world phone, in reality you don’t. (And yes I’m aware that most of the world uses GSM) I don’t understand why one would be crippled though.

  • socorosis

    I have a fido Iphone 4 but want to use it with a rogers voice plan, do I still need to unlock? 

  • Yes

  • rio

    Actually with Bell, they told me i could unlock my phone after the first 30 days. It is weird that they are not considered ‘authorized unlockers’ though. 

  • Anonymous

    So with Rogers’ unlock service, it is a true unlock meaning new FW from Apple will not relock it?

  • Ex

    Nope. Update your iOS, and unlock disappears.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Ex. That is highway robbery from Rogers!

  • Ex

    Yep. Robbers Wireless: Canada’s Own.

  • Anonymous

    Paying $50 to unlock an iPhone is a fucking scam. Just their way of scamming more money out of you. I already paid over $2500 over the past 3 years, the least they could do is let me use the device I paid for how I want…

  • Anonymous

    What a fucking scam!! It’d be on my 3G that will no longer be updated, but that means whenever it needs to get restored, I have to call Rogers again and potentially have to pay another $50?!?! FUCK THAT SHIT.

  • TotallyLegal

    Not true…The Rogers unlock is an official Apple Unlock and remains unlocked with any IOS upgrade…I have upgraded to IOS 5.1 after the unlock with no issues. In fact I recently restored my phone with Itunes prior to Jailbreak and it again told me ‘congratulations, your phone is unlocked’