iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 iOS 4 Jailbreak Imminent


For all those who have an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 and have been waiting for a successful jailbreak/unlock, your patience is about to pay off.

Today, Musclenerd, a member of the iPhone Dev Team, sent out a tweet that brings hope to many who have been unable to jailbreak their iPhone 3GS/4 because of one reason or another. The tweet indicates that there is an upcoming jailbreak for all devices at 4.0 firmware:

@xfsasx jailbreak for all devices at 4.0 is already handled by upcoming @comex release 🙂 so, good time for iphone4 unlock stuff

For those wondering who “Comex” is, that is the same person behind the Spirit jailbreak, which is without a doubt the fastest and easiest jailbreak ever. However, as many users have already found out, if you used Spirit to jailbreak your 3.1.3 firmware, you were unable to jailbreak 4.0.

The other good news is that this upcoming jailbreak tool for iOS 4 could be very similar to Spirit. In other words, if we can get a Spirit-like iOS 4 jailbreak tool, users may be able to jailbreak their iOS 4 device in the same speed as 3.1.3, which if I remember correctly was about 30 seconds!

Keep up with the patience. A resolution is coming soon!


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  • Ahoy! Glad to hear it's almost ready. An unlock would be nice to have just in case too. Here's hoping that this will be out by the time July 23rd rolls around and we have our iPhone 4 release in Canada.

  • I havent updated my 3Gs to IOs4 , as of yet … this new Jailbreak from @comex may persuade me …sounds interesting ..

  • I've heard a lot of talk about memory leaks, crashes, bugs and that kind of thing on iOS4 stock.

    Also, a lot of things have changed in the firmware all your jailbreak programs need to be updated before they work. Be patient before you upgrade. Take a look to make sure everything you use has been updated and works well on iOS4.

  • thanks Alex … I'll probably wait and see when the Iphone 4 comes to Rogers and just try it , before I buy it .. i use primarily the photo apps and twitter apps for my 3gs .. been a lot of updates lately 🙂

  •  Xaroc

    Beautiful. I wonder if the latest update apple is planning will play a factor in this.

    A reply to Alex: yes some do need to be updated to work on jailbroken 4.0, but most of the popular ones always update pretty quick. My eyes are focused on mywi

  • asdmd

    Quick question, is there any real point of doing software update on iphone 3G, are there any issues with it slowing down, crashing etc. Mine is pretty much on its last leg, touch screen non-responsive, freezes a lot. I've just got to make it a few more weeks (hopefully). But yeah back to my question, is there any real point? Thanks!

  • JonA

    Same happened to me. I fixed it by doing a restore, but set it up as a “new iPhone” (i.e. do not restore from backup!). Now the phone is snappy!

    Only downside is the loss of save data. Remember to copy out your photos, sync your contacts, etc.

  • “which is without a doubt the fastest and easiest jailbreak ever.”

    I don't think it was easier or faster than way back in 1.1.1 days? But yes, it's very nice. He is also the author of the Wii bannerbomb exploit, so he knows what he's doing.

  • Ex

    That one was pretty fast too.

  • Plus there was no computer needed, it made jailbreaking every iPhone in the store that much easier. =P

  • I'm just glad I don't have to go through Putty to jailbreak my iPhone anymore. 😉 Those were scary days.

  • I updated to iOS4 via PwnageTool. So far no issues whatsoever.

  • rorypiper

    My opinion is, don't bother. I had iOS 4 on an iPhone 3G, and it was pretty slow and laggy. If I were you, I'd save the whole experience for your new iPhone 4. You'll be blown away!

  • Tomsiphone

    Likewise, I updated my 3GS to iOS4 using Sn0wbreeze and unlocked it with Ultrasn0w.

    I've had no errors or issues. A couple of programs from Cydia don't work as they have not been updated for v4 but otherwise, all is well. WiFi “seems” to be better than before (better signal than 3.1.2|) and the folder feature is awesome! Don't need Categories program now! I can't say it runs faster BUT it's not dragged down.

    But, JIC, I do have my shsh files for 3.1.2 🙂

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  • thanks gary ,, I'll take a look at it ,

  • Jason

    I have a question for anybody who can help me with this 4.0 upgrade that came out June 21st 2010. WHERE DID THE MMS FEATURES GO ?????????? I have the I-Phone 3G and after the 4.0 upgrade all mms features are gone off the phone. Did I do something wrong here?

  •  Xaroc

    MMS Feature is built in to the Messages app. Little Camera icon on the bottom Left next to the text field.
    If its not there i dont know what to tell you. I personally have the 3Gs, and have personally used all the iOS4 Beta's from day one, and there was never a MMS issue.

    My recommendation would be is Double check to me sure its REALLY not there, and if you still cant perhaps you should restore your phone. I heard that a lot of 3G owners had issues before Restoring. I hope it helps

  • Barnabis Mcwhirter

    K seriously. Why bother waiting for the next update. Who cares if they patch it? Might as well just release the jailbreak and people will just avoid the next update. It's pissing me off waiting for an unknown date.

  •  Xaroc

    Well the world has people like me who is always reaching to the
    future. If something is releasing tomorrow, I want it yesterday. I
    noticed a lot of apple fan boys such as myself are similar.

  • hey gary .. i have a 3Gs ( older bootrom ) today I attempted to go from 3.12 Blackra1n with Pwnage 4.01 to IOS4 j/bn , all went well until ,,, it restored with Ios4 and cydia , but didnt activate the phone .. did i screw up somewhere ?

  • Fkey71

    they wait so apple dont patch the exploit. you are not the only one with the new iphone and certainly not the last person to buy one. if they release now and its patched then they start all over for the next guy. instead of bitching how bout a thanks guys or good work. just a thought.
    ps. to all who are working on the jailbreaks and unlocks thank you very much and dont let the complainers bother you

  • Phones in stores will likely have 4.0 on it and not 4.0.1 (the fix), even if they release a jailbreak today. It's just not ready yet. The unlock is almost done, jailbreak will be released soon. Just in time for the Canada iPhone 4 release.

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