Apple Watch With Link Bracelet Begins Shipping to Customers


While we’ve been enjoying our (decidedly less fancy) Apple Watch units for a couple of weeks now (check out Gary’s first impressions here and Nick’s review here), the brave and bold fanatics that pre-ordered the Apple Watch with Link Bracelet have had their units stuck in ‘Processing’ for more than a month at this point.

After what feels like forever, the very first Apple Watch with Link Bracelet orders have started shipping to customers. Hopefully we see a steady stream of the configuration being shipped out at this point, as currently ordering the Apple Watch with Link Bracelet will get you a unit… yep, in July.


We’ve still seen no movement on the Space Black Apple Watch units, and certain bands (like the Modern Buckle) are nowhere to be seen. In any case, after having my Apple Watch Sport since April 24th, I can’t imagine what everyone who’s still waiting for their unit (or any units of the configuration that they ordered to be shipped) must be going through.

Which Apple Watch did you order? Have you received a shipping notification yet? What are your thoughts on the watch so far? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

[Via: MacRumors]


  • wuju

    Got my 42mm medium size leather loop in the mail yesterday. Took about 2 weeks since ordered.

  • Dave McKee

    The watch delays can not all be attributed to the faulty Tactic chip, I have to wonder whether Apple project management is incompetent or Apple marketing schemed these delays deliberately for publicity

  • Steve Coutts

    The wife ordered a 38mm Space Grey with black sport band on April 16th and received it May 6th. I ordered the 42mm Space Grey a day before her and my order is still stuck in “processing items”. 🙁

  • Eric

    Ordered mine April 13… and not shipping till June.. black sports 42 🙁

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    I ordered mine on April 10 @ 12 AM PST on the dot and it still has not moved. This is Apple’s worst rollout ever.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Agreed. This is by far their worst rollout ever. Angela said we would get the Apple Watch earlier than expected. Still waiting!!