First Apple Watch Update to Enhance Security, Connectivity, and More [Rumour]


Apple is working on enhancing the security, connectivity, health and fitness, Wi-Fi capabilities, and other features of the Apple Watch, reliable sources have told 9to5Mac. Also, the long-rumoured Apple TV could be unveiled in the near future, which could be the WWDC 2015, as the event it just weeks away.


As noted by iDownloadBlog’s Jeff Benjamin, the Apple Watch lacks the neat “Activation Lock” feature iOS devices running iOS 7 or later have. As it turns out, Apple is working on a feature that will allow the user to track a Watch’s location and remotely wipe it in case it is lost or stolen, similar to what we already have with Find My iPhone.

However, that’s a challenge Apple will need to solve, since the Watch relies heavily on the iPhone. The “Find My Watch” feature is known inside Apple as “Smart Leasing”, and currently is able to locate the Watch in relation to the iPhone’s position. As Mark Gurman puts it, this could be much more a “don’t forget your iPhone” reminder, as it will warn the user if the handset is left behind.

“Apple wants to give [a user] a tap or a light notice if it thinks [he or she is] accidentally leaving [the] phone somewhere,” according to the source. The source cautioned that the Find my Watch and Smart Leashing features could be farther off than others in development, as they may require a more capable and independent wireless chip in a next-generation Watch.

Also, Apple plans to upgrade the Watch’s health and fitness apps to notify a user about an irregular heartbeat, although we may not see this feature due to governmental regulation. Another major step would be improving the performance of third-party apps.

In line with earlier reports, our sources indicate that the new Apple TV box will be unveiled in June with deep Siri integration and third-party application support. Our sources add that a new version of Xcode, known as “MuirTrail” internally, includes a new feature called “TVKit” for developers to build third-party Apple TV apps.

You may recall that Tim Cook said you’d be able to control the Apple TV with your Watch: 9to5Mac’s sources say Apple wants you to use the wearable as a primary input device for the next-generation Apple TV that will be unveiled in June. Well, we’ll find out in just a few weeks.


  • I want the Apple watch to require less user input for primary notifications such as SMS/Text. When a text comes in from a friend, when I turn my wrist to view it, I want to be able to speak “Reply” without having to tap my watch. I wan’t to be able to speak my reply, and after a short pause, have my phone ask if I wash to send it, like Siri does with the iPhone. At this early stage of the game, I think the Apple watch requires too many taps from the users, as this watch it meant to keep your phone in your pocket. Watch should require little to no physical activity in my opinion for handling priority messages such as that.

  • Yeah, that would be nice to be able to reply to messages truly hands free. it’s already available on iOS by asking Siri to read your messages and such.

  • johnnygoodface

    How about using the watch’s serial #? The user could simply select a new option in the watch app that would render this s/n “not usable” anymore by any other iPhone