Sending My Apple Watch Back To Apple For Repair [VIDEO]


So you may remember a while back I posted that I mysteriously got a scratch on the face of my Apple Watch Sport. Well over the past seven days, I’ve encountered more problems with the watch than I care to admit.

Yes, the touch screen of my Apple Watch has been failing miserably. As I mentioned in the video it started near the top of the screen. It just stopped being responsive. I could tap, or press near the middle and nothing would happen. It was very frustrating when trying to open an app or tap anything that was near the top of the screen.

After powering the Apple Watch down and turning it back on, it worked for a while. But then, another issue arose. Every time I would go to tap the screen, the Apple Watch would turn off. So I couldn’t do anything except look at the time.

Again, powering the watch down and then turning it back on seemed to fix it, but then the biggest issue of them all — the touch screen stopped working all together. As I showed in the video, I could swipe, touch or force touch the screen and nothing would happen. Again, all the Apple Watch was good for was checking the time.

This time I took it into the Apple Store and they agreed it’s likely a hardware issue. So they sent it off and if it can be fixed, it will be, if not, it will be replaced. I’m sort of hoping it gets replaced so I don’t have to see that annoying scratch on the screen anymore. So we will soon find out what Apple decided to do.

Of note, if you are having issues with any of your Apple products, try to record video of the problem. That way if you take your device into an Apple Store and the problem seems to just “disappear”, you can show the Genius the video and they’ll actually get you to send it to them and attach the video to your file. It can really help with getting your Apple device fixed.

If you have an Apple Watch, have you experienced any problems? Let me know in the comments.


  • Kris, keep it together, man! Your replacement will arrive soon! 😉

  • MeadorsMusings

    Easy for you to say. You still have your Apple Watch.
    I’m actually surprised how much I miss it. I find myself looking down at my wrist all the time.
    Plus, responding to texts on my iPhone? What is this, 2014?

  • My watch is still going strong, however I’ve noticed a couple tiny nicks along the upper aluminum casing, bound to happen. But not very noticeable from afar.

    Haha…enjoy your time living in the past, friend.

  • sukisszoze

    Are you waking up with a cold sweat wondering where your Watch is?!?

  • Corey Hoffarth

    When I got my space black watch I noticed the haptic feedback wasn’t working properly. I had an aluminum watch and noticed the difference between the two. I took it into apple and they said they would send it away for repairs. I told them they’re were going to replace it with a brand new one not a repair. I had to wait for stock to come in but eventually the exchanged it

  • Pete

    I woke up with a line of dead pixels on mine. The watch was still useable. Got onto apple chat and they shipped me out a replacement with 2 day shipping. Then I shipped my semi broken one back to them. I was really happy with their support. Otherwise the watch has been great!

  • MeadorsMusings

    That’s awesome. I’ve never had a problem with Apple Support. They’ve always done their best to find a solution, which is usually a replacement unit.

  • MeadorsMusings

    Not quite that bad. lol

  • MeadorsMusings

    The guy I talked to thought they would probably just swap it out, but he wasn’t sure. I really don’t care either way as long as it works fine.

  • Corey Hoffarth

    I didn’t let the take it from me. I told them to get me one of the shelf. I didn’t pay this much for that non sense

  • Ed Wheaton

    I’ve never had any problems with Apple support. I purchase Apple Care with all my devices and typically when there is an issue, they exchange the item even though it’s my fault. (Phone drop, spilled liquid on keyboard, etc.). Just exchange the watch for a new watch and move on. Also, IMO, the watch isn’t for everyone, only the Super gadget users. Most Apple devices take several runs before they become mainstream and catch on with the less tech mass public. It does some things very well, more than expected but there is a beta feel to it. Contribute feedback and as we move forward, it will just get better and better. Anyway, starting to ramble….good luck.

  • Steve

    It’s that it takes several runs before it becomes mainstream, but people aren’t willing to become beta testers for a product that really isn’t ready for prime time. As you said, it has a “beta feel to it”. There’s nothing worse than having to check the time, only to have the watch not turn on (happened a lot in my case). I also find the watch face at the larges size, still too tiny. iWatch 2 or 3 is really the one to get, hopefully they increase its size.