Unboxing the $1719 Apple Watch Edition in White Ceramic [VIDEO]


Earlier this month, on top of announcing Apple Watch Series 2 (stay tuned for our first impressions), Apple also debuted a new Ceramic version of the Edition line up, replacing gold models.

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The new Ceramic line starts at $1,649 CAD for the 38mm and the 42mm is $1,719 CAD, which is more than three times the cost of the Aluminum series Sport line up (in 42mm). What do you get for the extra cash? Ceramic is extremely scratch resistant and there’s a new Cloud Sport Band with it.

Dom Esposito from YouTube, has posted a good unboxing and overview of the new model (on 9to5Mac), plus compares it next to the Space Black Apple Watch stainless steel edition. Check it out below:

I have to agree with Dom; while I think the Sport band is nice, it would have been even better if there was another high-end band included for the watch’s high-end price, versus the Sport strap (maybe a Ceramic Link Bracelet?).

What do you think of the Ceramic Apple Watch Edition Series 2?


  • swotam

    It looks nice and clean, but the price tag is something that belongs at the low-end for “nice” watches like Omega, Breitling, or TAG which will last for ages provided you don’t abuse them. Much like last years $10K+ Edition, $1700 CAD not a reasonable price for something you’re going to have to replace in a couple of years when a newer, faster model comes along. Of course, it’s not stupid expensive, but still, I don’t see this flying off the shelves.

    Also, a Sport band, really? Is the Cloud Sport band any different from the White Sport band? At that price they should have done something like a white Milanese loop or Link bracelet. Of course, if they included a Link the whole package would cost even more…

    TL;DR Looks nice, too expensive for what it is.

  • Yeah, while it’s not crazy expensive, at that price, the band is just a regular sport band but a different colour. Why not just get a Space Black Stainless Steel, which is cheaper.

  • KRS

    Looks just like the other cheap looking apple watchs.