watchOS 4.1 Beta Brings Apple Music Over LTE and New Radio App [VIDEO]


Apple this morning released a bunch of betas for developers, including iOS 11.1, macOS 10.13.1, tvOS 11.1 and watchOS 4.1.

The latest beta of watchOS 4.1 finally brings streaming Apple Music, which the company had noted was coming for Apple Watch Series 3 cellular users. Your entire iCloud Music Library can now be streamed from Apple Watch.

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Also new is a radio app which lets you stream radio stations such as Beats 1 and various genres.

Streaming of music will be possible when your Apple Watch is connected to cellular or Wi-Fi, and when you transition from the latter to LTE on your Series 3, music will continue to play seamlessly.

Check out the preview of watchOS 4.1 shared by 9to5Mac below:

Currently in Canada, Bell is the only carrier to support Apple Watch Series 3 cellular models, with a smartwatch data plan available for $5 per month. Telus is set to announce support later this year. Rogers does not support Series 3 LTE models at this time.


  • Mario Gaucher

    Anyone can tell me if you can also stream Apple Music with the gps/WiFi only series 3 on watchOS 4.1 (as long as you are connected to a known WiFi obviously)?

  • Can’t on my end unfortunately.

  • Thanks! This is real journalism.

  • Mario Gaucher

    I have no interest in the cellular version…
    Steaming on WiFi would be great when I’m at the gym!
    If it’s not available, I will just keep my series 2 and continue to have my iPhone on me all the time

  • FragilityG4

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  • “If you don’t like the president, get out of your country and go somewhere else.” – Your flawed logic.

    Yeah, don’t advocate for change, just go somewhere else if you have a good reason not to like certain articles.

    Thanks for your comments.

  • FragilityG4

    This is a matter of respect.

  • johnnygoodface

    I find that being able to access all Apple Music on LTE is great, but I kinda worry it’ll waste all my 6GB data! No?