Should You Update to 1.1.3 Firmware?

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I’ve been getting tonnes of email lately asking about whether or not users should upgrade to the latest 1.1.3 firmware via Installer. Examples include:

  • Should I upgrade to 1.1.3?
  • I’m scared to update my phone to 1.1.3, how do I do it?
  • I updated to 1.1.3 via iTunes! Help!
  • How do I update from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3?
  • I followed your 1.1.3 guide but I ran into an error–now my iPhone won’t work properly!

If any of these have popped into your head, or has happened to you, please read on.

There are a few methods to update to 1.1.3 (Let’s be clear–DO NOT UPDATE TO 1.1.3 VIA iTUNES!). The first method was released by NateTrue. The second method was the “official” release by the iPhone Dev Team. Then there was an easier method to update via WiFi through iJailbreak, released by AriX. NateTrue’s version has recently removed from Installer by Ste Packaging. Their reasons are as follows:

Ever since the dev team released their version of the 1.1.3 jailbreak, there  have been problems, as theirs and the one that Nate True released do not behave the same. The jailbreak released by Nate does not maintain the privilege separation between the “mobile” user, which most apps run as in 1.1.3, and the “root” user. The dev team’s jailbreak preserves this.

Nate’s allowed most apps to continue to run as they had on previous releases. The dev team’s causes many apps to break. The dev team’s is the more correct method, however. Apps need to be rewritten to work in the new environment, rather than hacking the system to allow them to run unmodified.

Some developers are coding their apps to work with Nate’s jailbreak, while others are coding theirs to work with the dev team’s. This is bad. Users can’t tell which jailbreak method an app is targeted to run under and developers don’t know which jailbreak method the user used.

So in other words, the 1.1.3 jailbreak right now is quite complicated. Some users have reported having problems and others have run into roadblocks along the way. The bottom line (this is where you should pay attention), is that if you have an iPhone that is working properly without any problems, either on 1.0.2, 1.1.1, or 1.1.2 firmware, STAY WHERE YOU ARE!

Quite honestly, it’s not worth the problems and headache if your iPhone messes up along the way, or you get stuck. Since these jailbreaks are relatively new, most problems are slowly being addressed–which means more cruel wait times for getting a prompt response!

My iPhone is on 1.1.1 still, and it works great! I need my iPhone for work so I can’t risk testing out these new updates and such. I am going to wait it out, let the “guinea pigs” out there test it out, then make an informed decision on whether or not I’m going to take the plunge. This philosophy has worked so far for me, and it’s something you should consider following too. The old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” which I think is what you should remind yourself whenever you get some itchy firmware updating fingers. I hope my “2 cents” have helped some of you out there, who are on the fence right now about whether or not to update. =)

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