Google Reader iPhone Beta Launched!

If you’re not following websites via RSS feeds, you’re truly missing out. For those of us who constantly seek the latest headlines from our favourite websites/blogs, RSS feeds and news aggregators have made following information easy. One of my favorite RSS readers is none other than Google Reader. In the past it was made to work for the iPhone (well, the mobile version), but it has recently been updated.

What’s Changed in this New Google Reader Beta for the iPhone?

You can now navigate your folders and subscriptions in a single column, with an even better mobile-friendly view with faster load times, even over a slow connection. Visit to check it out on your iPhone or iPod Touch (it won’t redirect automatically). Also, from the Google Reader blog, “starring, sharing, and keeping unread are done in place, so you never have to leave the list view or refresh the page.”

I’ve tried it and I must say it’s awesome! This has made my day and I have updated my homescreen bookmark for Google Reader. Update yours too if you haven’t already!

PS – I know I need to announce a winner from the Case-Mate leather case giveway. Expect that to come soon! 🙂

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