Apple’s iPhone Will Change Canada’s Wireless Industry

You read that title correctly–according to an article from Industry analyst Lawrence Surtees from IDC Canada states that things are going to change drastically once the iPhone is released by Rogers in Canada.

Surtees goes on to reiterate that AT&T was forced by Apple to introduce “all you can eat” data plans in the US–the similar scenario will also happen to Rogers in Canada, and when it does it will finally open up the wireless industry that has remained stagnant over the years. Our wireless industry is the “least penetrated” among developed nations due to expensive plans and surcharges (System Access Fee FTW!).

The big kicker will be an introduction of an “all you can eat” wireless data plan, either by Rogers or an emerging wireless carrier from the Wireless Spectrum Auction that is taking place. When this happens expect a sudden surge in wireless interest by Canadians.

The Latest 3G iPhone Rumors…these ones are JUICY!

Here we go again folks with some more hot 3G iPhone rumors. According to Cult of Mac, they’ve received some insider news from “a programmer at a major software publisher” (gee, everybody has their inside source, don’t they?!) that claims to have the latest 3G iPhone specs. The new iPhone will have…drumroll please…

– 3G, GPS, 16GB $499, 32GB $599, 22% thinner, Black plus other colors, improved battery life…and…and…the best part…get ready…a $200US pricepoint (subsidized by Apple) to compete with RIM’s Blackberry!

Now that’s what you call an awesome rumor folks! Isn’t this just so much fun? It’s like counting down to Christmas Day waiting to hear the “real” news from Steve Jobs. The details of the next iPhone 2.0/iPhone 2/3G iPhone gets better as the days countdown to the June 9th WWDC. If the above specs do end up coming true (we all know Steve Jobs is known for pushing the envelope with this product announcements–think Macbook Air–no pun intended), this second generation iPhone will take over the world.

Can you imagine a $200US price for an iPhone? This could be part of Apple’s master plan to sell 10 million units in 2008. If the price is right, people will be snatching iPhones up left, right, and center. It’s going to be the Motorola RAZR effect once again, yet this time around the phone will be pretty darn spectacular.

This begs another question I’ve been meaning to ask all of you: Are you going to sell your current iPhone to upgrade to the 3G iPhone? Let us know in the comments!

PS – On a side note, my sincere apologies to readers who took time out to listen to our Podcast on Sunday evening, only to be disappointed. There was a slight mix up with scheduling so the show was cancelled. I promise to make it up to you folks by giving away something for free! Stay tuned!

Thanks: Cult of Mac, itBusiness

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