Visual Voicemail Explained on iPhone 3G

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Today’s discussion will be about Visual VoiceMail with the iPhone 3G.

Visual Voicemail

What is Visual Voicemail?

Visual Voicemail is being able to see and access your voicemails in whichever order you want. It provides you with the option to see and directly go to any of your messages without having to listen to any prior ones. Visual voicemail displays messages like an email inbox, so you can quickly select and listen to messages. Visual Voicemail will provide the number that left the message, as well as the date and time they left it.

How to get Visual Voicemail?

If you have an iPhone plan package (the $60 and up ones), Visual Voicemail is already included, however you can add the feature standalone or as part of a �Value Pack�.

Individually, you can add Visual Voicemail and it will cost $8 to add to your account. Otherwise, you can opt for a $15 Visual Voicemail Value Pack which will give you CallerID with Name Display, Visual Voicemail, 2500 text messages and the WhoCalled service. So, after you have decided which option to choose to get Visual Voicemail, you must meet the following three criteria:

1.) You must have a data plan

2.) You must have a ‘4000’ series Sim Card

3.) You cannot have any media/internet blocks on your account

If you are starting up a new account and you are opting for Visual Voicemail, then you have already met requirement #2 and #3 because all iPhone 3G’s come with a 4000 series Sim Card already inside the phone and new iPhone 3G accounts do not have the data blocked automatically, but you still need to opt for a data plan because Visual Voicemail uses data, not minutes (as it would be with the previous voicemail types).

How to set-up Visual Voicemail?

Note: The steps below assume you have met the above 3 requirements

To set-up visual voicemail without a ‘4000’ series sim card (this is for the people who will be upgrading their accounts and already have a sim card), you must do the following steps:

1.) Get a 4000 series sim card

2.) Put the new 4000 series sim card, once activated, into iPhone 3G and ensure that Visual Voicemail has been added to your account

3.) Bring up the keypad (under the phone button on the home-screen of iPhone 3G) and dial:

A. * 5005*86*+16478029327#

B. Then push �Call�

4.) Go to the Voicemail button in the bottom right corner and click �Setup�. Your password is the last four digits of your phone number.

Note: To get the �+� sign on iPhone 3G, push and hold the number �0� on the keypad until the �+� appears

To set-up visual voicemail if you have a 4000 series sim card (for people who have the 4000 series sim and for new clients), you must do the following steps:

1.) Ensure the phone is activated and that Visual Voicemail is added to the account

2.) Go to the voicemail button on iPhone 3G under the �Phone� button on your home-screen

3.) Click �Setup�

4.) The password is the last four digits of your phone number

Note: If you are porting in a number from other carrier, you must wait until that number ports in before setting up Visual Voicemail. Once the number has ported in, the password will be the last four digits of the number that was ported.

Lastly, remember that if you are moving from the regular voicemail service to the Visual voicemail service, you will lose any saved voicemails and will have to re-record your greeting.

And that will just about do it folks. So have fun with Visual voicemail, because you do not really appreciate how neat it really is until you try it! Enjoy!

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