Marware C.E.O. Glide iPhone 3G Review

With each new iPhone/iPhone 3G user in Canada, the quest for accessories can be a never-ending journey. Some people love their silicone cases, some like their hard cases, others love their leather cases, unique types love their art-inspired skins, and some like their invisibleSHIELD-type cases. What it boils down to is what YOU want. You need to do the research and make your own decision. Be sure to check out our accessory reviews if you haven’t already.

Introducing the Marware C.E.O.Glide: Smooth Sailing for your iPhone 3G

Today we’re going to check out the Marware C.E.O. Glide iPhone 3G review. In the past we’ve reviewed their Sportgrip and C.E.O. Leather cases. Both cases were of excellent quality and it can be said that Marware makes some pretty high quality products. The C.E.O. Glide is one of Marware’s slimmest-profile leather sleeves. One of the major problems with leather pouches is that it’s a pain in the arse to remove your iPhone, especially if you have the invisibleSHIELD installed, or any other protective film.

However, the C.E.O. Glide solves this problem as there is a built-in, recessed pull tab for easy retrieval of your “Jesus-phone”! You just pull the tab and your iPhone will glide out easily and quickly. I tested it with my iPhone 3G (with the invisibleSHIELD) installed and the phone came out flawlessly. No more wasted minutes of pure frustration trying to jimmy your iPhone out of its protective leather sleeve! Here’s how the slide process works–just imagine these three images animated:

The textured leather exterior along with the microfiber interior will keep protecting your iPhone 3G until you lose the case or the phone. Also, there is a slim Velcro enclosure to make sure your iPhone doesn’t slide out. A protective film and clear microfiber is included as well! It’s always nice when manufacturers include the little things with your purchase!

Anyways, check out the following gallery and check out Marware’s C.E.O. Glide for yourself!

Selling for a retail price of $24.99, the Marware C.E.O. Glide is a pretty decent leather pouch with a very unique way of removing your iPhone 3G. If you’re tired of battling with getting your iPhone 3G in and out of a leather pouch, the C.E.O. Glide just might be the solution you’ve been looking for!

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