Naked Faces App: Inspiration For the Ladies Out There

How many of you iPhone owners out there are females? If you’re a proud iPhone owner have I got the App for you. All the guys reading this, take a step back for a minute (except those who like to cry endlessly in the comments, hehe).

Naked Faces was created by Jude Sue Kushner. Her purpose for this app was to “celebrates the feminine mystique and the power of positive thinking.” Right now one of the best selling books out there is The Secret, which calls on people to think positively. Naked Faces will go hand in hand with the book if you’re a positive thinker.

The app “combines original art and powerful three word affirmations spoken in a distinctively pleasing voice.” The voice and artwork is done by Judy Sue herself, and some of the pictures are very abstract to say the least. The app works by just touching one of 20 faces, which you’ll then hear a short little blurb. I’m helping Judy out by reviewing her original and creative iPhone app. Hopefully my positive deeds will continue to go a long way. Check out my video review:

With all the whiners and naysayers out there today, it’s pretty neat to see an app that is meant to inspire and uplift your day. Stick with positive people in your life and you’ll have a happier time. Naked Faces is available in the App Store for $1.99. The app may not be for everybody, but I am sure it will be beneficial for some people out there!

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