Joost for the iPhone: TV, Movies, Videos, and More

I remember when Joost was still in its beta stage and was going to be the “next big thing” on the internet. After a few years of development Joost is now available for everyone and their content has improved quite a bit. Well, the Joost team has taken the time to create a much awaited iPhone app.

Joost is now available for download for free via the App Store. When I heard about this release I immediately downloaded and installed the app onto my iPhone 3G. Immediately a pop up told me that Joost requires WiFi in order to work, not 3G! WTF!?

After reading this I was pretty disappointed. What good is this app when I want to watch videos on the road? I’m pretty sure someone will come up with a hack that will trick the app into the thinking you’re on WiFi (like some people have been using with Fring).

How Well does the Joost iPhone App Work?

Joost on the iPhone brings over 45,000 videos, TV clips, and movies to your fingertips. I tested out a few videos and the overall functionality of the app and I must say this app does need some improvement. Moving around the app was fine but once I launched a Beyonce video that’s when everything began to go all chunky and slow.

One positive note is that the video quality of Joost is pretty good on the iPhone via WiFi. Although the sluggishness was a result of the sudden torrent of new users accessing Joost content, some people were unable to get anything working at all. Check out the following screenshots for more info (no, those legs do not belong to Justin Timberlake):

Joost has some huge potential on the iPhone if it can used over 3G. I’m sure somebody will come up with a hack to make it work (hey, I gotta take advantage of my 6GB data plan right?). In the meantime, I expect the Joost team to fix up the app and release a significant update in the future. How do you like app so far?

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