Smiles iPhone Game: Does Exactly as the Title Says

There are tonnes of games you can download onto your iPhone via the App Store. As for looking for games that worth paying for that can prove to be a difficult mountain to climb. Trying to find that “wow this is pretty fun” game application will end here with today’s review of Smiles!

Smiles is another tile game for the iPhone, but this game is seriously badass. Here’s what developer Mike Kasprzak had to say about this “Made in Canada” iPhone app:

I don’t know how closely you’ve been following the whole price changing fiasco in the iTunes App Store. Games launching at like $8-$10, then dropping to $1 a day or so later. Or apps jumping between 2 prices every few days to get front page exposure on aggregation sites. That sort of thing. It’s really making things hard for us developers trying to run an honest shop.

Well, I did something a little different with my game Smiles. I launched the game at $4.99, but instead of dropping the price like ‘conventional wisdom’ seems to suggest, I cut it in half. This works for me, since Smiles is actually 2 games (a clever business idea that… well… hasn’t work out in my favor yet).

Customers can buy my game “Smiles” individual parts (Smiles Zen, and Smiles Drop) for $2.99 each, or save about $1 by purchasing “Smiles” for $4.99.

I don’t know about you but I used to be a hardcore Bejeweled fanboy. Smiles does a wonderful job of bringing back those Bejeweled feelings but in a more engaging and fun way. The graphics are stunning along with the sound effects of the game. The high pitched tones reward your swapping of shapes which makes this game hard to put down. Watch the following video demonstration to see what I mean:

It is evident that Mike and his team have put in their work in making this game. It is simple fun and worth the $4.99 (for both games). I know some people out there want everything for free, but the adage “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. Let me know if you’re already playing Smiles!

Click here to buy Smiles

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