yellowsn0w 0.9.6 Released: It Works This Time!

Here’s an update on the iPhone 3G software unlock front: yellowsn0w 0.9.6 has been released in Cydia and…it works! After testing out the initial release on how to unlock your iPhone 3G and the subsequent updates, this latest release has been much improved.

Here are the steps I followed in order to get outgoing calls with my Rogers SIM and get foreign SIM cards to read in my iPhone 3G:

1. Installed yellowsn0w via Cydia (with my Rogers SIM inside).
2. Rebooted my iPhone. Tested outgoing calls–success finally!
3. Popped out Rogers SIM and inserted a du SIM and Fido SIM. Did not reboot as both SIM cards were able to register signals with Rogers.

Every situation maybe be unique and different when it comes to yellowsn0w, so that is why the Dev Team is asking everyone to submit their feedback so they can improve yellowsn0w. They updated their blog and provided a following glimpse of what changed with this release:

Although ultimately the payload is the same as in the very first beta, we’ve changed the way that it’s injected into the baseband.

What about the future of yellowsn0w (aside from working with all SIM cards)?

The “permanent” unlock is still the ultimate goal for some of us. We’d like to break the chain of trust a bit earlier in the boot process (if only for the fun in trying).

Once again, kudos to the Dev Team for their incredible work with this software unlock. I still can’t believe how easy it has become to unlock an iPhone 3G compared to old days of hacking with a first gen. Say good bye to those nerve-wracking nights!

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