How to Watch Ustream Over 3G on your iPhone

Yesterday was the event that will go down in history books. The inauguration of the first African-American President of the United States was one of the most widely watched events in our lifetime. To help spread the event, released their iPhone app the night before the inauguration.


However, there was one caveat. The app requires a WiFi connection to watch live streaming and will not work on 3G. While is not a problem for some, the rest of us want the freedom to watch live streams over the Rogers 3G network no matter where we go! Let’s go!

How to Watch Ustream Over the 3G Network on your iPhone – For Educational Purposes. Follow at your OWN risk!

Jailbreaking & Installing VoIPover3G, OpenSSH, and Mobile Substrate
1. This will require a jailbroken iPhone. Follow my guide here to jailbreak via QuickPwn.
2. Launch Cydia. Search and install the following three items:
-VoIPover3G: this will allow you to “spoof” apps that require WiFi to work over 3G
-OpenSSH: this will allow your computer and iPhone to connect to each other wirelessly
-Mobile Substrate: this provides a simple platform for deploying code


3. After installing I’d recommend a reboot of your iPhone before we proceed.

Connecting your iPhone to your Computer via OpenSSH

The next step here to connect your iPhone to your computer so you can modify a file within your iPhone to “trick” the Ustream app. In order to connect the two, we will use OpenSSH on the iPhone (there is no icon for OpenSSH, it’s just there unless you install BossPrefs/SBSettings to get toggle switches) and a FTP program on your computer.

4. Connect to your local WiFi network. Next, we’ll need to locate your iPhone’s IP address. Click on Settings–>WiFi–>touch the “blue” arrow–>Copy down the numbers you see beside “IP Address” onto a piece of paper or into your brain.

5. Download a FTP program. I use CyberDuck on my Mac. PC users can try using WinSCP.
6. Within CyberDuck, click on “Open Connection”. From the drop down menu, select “SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol”. Enter the following info:
– Server: your IP address from Step 4
– Username: root
– Password: alpine
– Port: 22


7. Click on “Connect”. It might take 20-30 seconds for a connection to be made with your iPhone (make sure your iPhone is connected to the wireless network).
8. Once connected, within CyberDuck, you will see you are the in the directory “private/var/root”. Click on the drop down menu and go down to the root directory “/”.

9. Navigate to the following directory: /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries (you still with me?)


10. Double-click the file “VoIPover3G.plist”. It should open in your text editor.
11. You will see the following text within “VoIPover3G.plist”:

Filter = {Bundles = (“com.Fringland.Fring”, “”, “com.audiofile.Interstate”, “”);};

Add “tv.ustream.player” to the text so it will look like this (don’t forget the comma after “”):

Filter = {Bundles = (“com.Fringland.Fring”, “”, “com.audiofile.Interstate”, “”, “tv.ustream.player”);};

This is what my .plist file looks like (make sure yours has “


12. Once you’ve made these changes, go File–>Save and the modified file should automatically upload back to your iPhone to make changes.
13. The hard work is done! Now, hold down your finger on the icons until they “wiggle” and DELETE the app. Reboot your iPhone.
14. Once your iPhone boots up again, reinstall the app via the App Store.
15. Turn OFF WiFi so you will be connected to the Rogers 3G network. Launch the app and you’ll now be able to watch LIVE streams over 3G!

16. Grab a six pack of Coke and a bag of Lays, sit back with your feet up, relax, and enjoy watching those cute Shiba-Ina puppies!

I hope this tutorial has helped those interested in watching on your iPhone over 3G instead of just WiFi. Let me know how this works for you (special shout outs to @Shadowz and alexwhittemore).

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