Introducing Me, Hello!

I hope everyone is enjoying the amazing giveaways this week – and in an effort to make a great first impression I thought I’d introduce myself while everyone is on a free-swag high.

I’m the newest member of the iPhoneinCanada Team! And I’m super-excited to be helping out everyone here to bring all our visitors great iPhone news and Reviews geared towards Canadians.

A bit about me; long-time internet nerd I’ve done everything from host & design websites, run forums, be addicted to chat rooms, and more recently, edit and contribute to Canadian iPhone News sites (yes – there’s more than one, but we all know that iPhoneinCanada is the best ;). I’ve been following the iPhone craze since its annoucement way way back in ’07.  I patiently waited for info for it’s Canadian release, and started becoming obsessed!

I finally acquired my unlocked, jailbroken iPhone in March ’08.  So my stats are thus:  8Gig 2G iPhone on v2.2 on Rogers. I use both a PC and a G4 iBook. I love my iPhone, and regularly treat it to fancy accesories and cases and have several Apps that I use daily (I’ll go into further detail about these in future posts).

I don’t plan on upgrading to a 3G, and I’ll tell you why!

[Soap Box] I vehemently do not use Rogers Cellular Data Network. My plan with Rogers suits me perfectly, runs less than $60/mo with practically unlimited calling/txt, and even with that 6Gb/$30 Plan they offered as penance, I believe that Canadian Data Prices are way over-inflated and basically un-affordable for the regular user. [/Soap Box]

Funny Story; until just this week I was running firmware v1.1.4, and although I’ve been following the pwning process for iPhones for over a year, hadn’t done it myself.  Ironically, the old firmware version I was using completly prevented me from accessing EDGE, however as soon as I’d upgraded I made the newbie mistake of hitting the ‘Weather’ button and therefore accidently, for the first time, connected to Rogers Data Network. I spent the next hour reading up on how to block the EDGE network, and amazingly figured it even though the instructions I had were for a Mac (and I was on my PC).

If anyone else is in a position like mine, either doesn’t want to, or is against using the Rogers/Fido Data Network and is interested in reading a full tutorial on how to shut this off – let me know in comments, I’ll consider it for a future post if there’s enough interest.

In closing, I just want to thank iPhoneinCanada for letting me come aboard and share my interest with everyone!

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