Globe and Mail App Released for the iPhone

If you’re a news junkie in Canada and you love to keep up with current events, you’re most likely a fan of reading the news, either online or offline. The Globe and Mail is Canada’s largest circulation newspaper and you can now enjoy it online with their official iPhone app.

The Globe and Mail app has a very simple and clean interface. Currently there are six news sections to choose from:

– Top Stories
– Report on Business
– Technology
– Sports
– Arts
– Opinion

These articles are all iPhone-optimized but there’s a really cool feature to speed read by Spreed News, an award winning speed reading interface which flashes the article in “phrases” allowing you to read it in a fraction of the time. You can select from 260WPM to 1000WPM. It’s pretty darn neat and really fun to try! Right now I am up to 860WPM comfortably, but I’m aiming for 1000WPM!

Upcoming features coming soon include: videos, offline reading, comments, and more. This is the only news app you will need if you’re looking for dependable news content from the Globe and Mail. This app was released late last week and is still in the works of having bugs fixed.

Some other neat features are being able to rate articles, and share them via Twitter, Facebook, or email. This is one cool Canadian app that is currently the #1 news application in the Canadian iTunes Store! Click here to download it now! What do you think of this app? Yay or nay?