Megan Esquivel: An Introduction

Greetings. I’m Megan Esquivel, English-lover extraordinaire (Twitter: lovelymegan). Inspired to take the whimsical road of the English major, and unsure exactly what it was I wanted to be doing, I’ve spent the last four years learning anything and everything about the English language. I began smooth sailing through the required English classes, where I worked with two of the most inspiring professors imaginable. They were encouraging, but also believed very firmly in positive criticism.

I worked with one single professor through composition and American and English literature – a man who couldn’t be more in love with what he did, which is when I realized that I wanted a career in English. Both creating and editing interest me greatly. I learned about my passion for editing during multiple semesters of creative writing.

The last course I took was on journalism. At first I found the strict format stifling, but by the end I realized how educational journalism actually is, especially for a new writer who hasn’t yet found the topic they’re going to write for. In fact, I didn’t actually realize technical journalism was such an interest of mine until I attended WWDC, where I met so many people who were passionate about technology. I couldn’t see myself coding. Call me impatient; I’m the kind of person that needs to see a finished product at the end of every day. It’s maddening.

Throughout the last year I’ve been following the progress the iPhone has gone through and, I couldn’t be more intrigued. The app store alone has become a sick little pleasure of mine and I can’t stop trying to share its wonders with others.

I look forward to providing people with my opinions on applications and providing updates on interesting news about the Mac and iPhone.

Until next time,

Goodnight you Princes of Maine, you Kings of New England.