How to Make Unlimited Calls to Canada/USA with Skype on the iPhone for $3/Month

**Skype is now available in Canada! So just download Skype in Canada, then follow the steps below**

The past couple of days we’ve dedicated some decent coverage to Skype. At first, we document how the initial Skype for iPhone launch excluded Canada, then we wrote about how to download Skype in Canada by creating a free US iTunes account without a credit card. Lastly, I wrote yesterday about how to use Skype over the 3G network.

Today we’re going to talk about unleashing the true potential of Skype. How? Essentially it will involve three things:

1. A jailbroken iPhone with Skype installed to work over 3G.
2. A 6GB data plan, or minimum 500MB at the very least.
3. A $2.95US/month SkypeOut account or subscription.

How to Use Skype on the iPhone to Make Unlimited Calls to Canada/USA for $2.95/Month

The beauty of Skype is making crystal clear calls to your Skype friends over WiFi. Now that we can do this over 3G, it has opened up a brand new can of worms, so to speak. Skype has subscription plans where you can pay $2.95US/month to make UNLIMITED calls to landlines and cellphones in Canada and the USA.

By taking advantage of the newly minted Skype iPhone app, (now working over 3G–oh how sweet it is, eh?), and a generous data plan, you can start making cheap long distance calls anytime and anywhere without worry about getting gouged. Unless you are happy with paying 35 cents/minute for long distance calls within Canada (and even more to the USA), keep on reading.

1. Register a Skype account if you haven’t already.
2. Click here to order a subscription for unlimited calling to Canada/USA. It works out to roughly $3US/month. You can pay via credit card or PayPal. No contracts.
3. Login to your Skype account on your iPhone. Turn off WiFi, and start making calls to any of your contacts!

What am I using right now? I currently am using Skype Pay As You Go option as I call pretty much all over the place. But once my balance runs low I’m going to jump on the $2.95/month subscription to save on calling long distance within Canada. You can also add Mexico or unlimited worldwide calling for a few extra dollars more.


Even with the PAYG option, it only costs me TWO cents/minute to call Canada/USA! One minute on Rogers at 35 cents/minute is the equivalent of roughly 17 minutes on Skype! Now I know why these telcos see VoIP as a threat to their traditional business models.

Now that we have an official Skype app, it definitely makes it easier to call landlines and cellphones with Skype. The voice quality is very impressive on 3G. Gotta love the iPhone! 🙂


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– Please ensure your data plan will allow you to chat sufficiently with Skype’s paid service. I am not responsible if you go over and are charged for it. You’ve been warned! 😉
– I would assume that the 6GB plan would have enough data for frequent calling. We’ll soon find out when we get our next bill, won’t we? 😉