Review: Dodge the balls with Chippy!

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Today I have a review of a fantastic game called “Chippy” that is a remake of an old time classic called Pang or as others may know it as, Bubble Trouble.

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Chippy is a very good remake of an addictive game I used to play years ago called “Bubble Trouble”. You still have challenging levels and a hook to pop the bubbles, but in this remake, the bubbles are balls and our hero is Chippy, a very brave squirrel.

The goal of each level is to hit all the balls and finish the level before the time is up with the highest possible score. However, for those who haven’t played this game at all, the balls tend to start large and when hit, blow up into 2 smaller balls, and so on and so forth. This becomes very challenging because the smaller the balls become, the more difficulty you have with hitting them. Along the way, you get to pick up bonuses for extra points and some really great power-ups. There is this one power-up in particular that I really like. It is a lazer beam that runs along the bottom the screen and just zaps any ball that touches it…extremely helpful when you have about 20 of the tiny blue ones bouncing around!

The game comes with 27 levels, both local and online high score tracking, tilt controls (and the option to disable them), and a jump-to-level menu. The control scheme is also very intuitive. The entire game runs in landscape, so it is very comfortable to hold the iPhone and the controls sit along the bottom of the screen. You have a left and right arrow (move left, move right) and a shoot button (fires the hook to hit the balls) and I found the controls in that area to be perfect because my thumbs sit right on the move/shoot button areas. You also get a pause button located in the top right corner which can pause your game or take you back to the menu.

With addictive game play, great graphics, a solid control scheme, and some fun music and sounds, Chippy is a great game to have on your iPhone and is a lot of fun to play!

There is also a trial version of Chippy that you may download for free that comes ready with 5 levels. After checking that out, you may buy Chippy for only $0.99 in the iTunes AppStore.

I am also going to give away a promo code for Chippy today!

To score this code:

1.) Download the trial version of Chippy in the AppStore

2.) Score your highest possible score

3.) Email me a screenshot of your score to x1zero [at]

(Press the home button and sleep/wake button at the same time to take screenshots)

The highest score wins. Contest ends May 10, 2009 at 11:59PM.

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