Review: Take ’em down with Squashem!

One of the coolest features of the iPhone is its accelerometer which gives users the ability to maneuver objects on the iPhone screen by simply tilting or moving the entire device forward, back, left, right, etc. Well today I have a game called “Squashem” that makes perfect use of the accelerometer and is a very high-energy paced game!

Squashem by Jelly Biscuits

Squashem is a tilt based iPhone game that makes perfect use of the accelerometer. The overall goal of the game is to beat the clock and chase down and squash 10 runners. The faster that you can accomplish this, the better and your best time is posted to either the local or online high scores.

There are six levels and two different game modes in which to play; Single level and ‘All Levels Challenge’. Each of these modes can be played under two difficulties which are an easy mode and hard mode. Each game mode and difficulty has its own high score ladder, so it becomes a great challenge to try and dominate them all. You also get a choice of a few different balls to use, which range in style and color. However, during gameplay you also get the option to listen to your own iPod while playing! <— One of my most favorite options in games.

At first the game is a little difficult to get used to but after a few minutes you really get the hang of tilting your device in the direction that you want the ball to go. As you move the ball through the level, there are these little characters that are running and you must squash all 10 of them per level. To squash them, you simply roll over them and be rewarded with a hilarious sounding scream. You may check out a brief gameplay video here.

Squashem is available in the iTunes AppStore for $1.99

But right now I am going to give away one promo code for Squashem to the first person to post below how many different squashem balls you have access to in the game.


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