Review: Nightglow Web Browser for iPhone

Are you looking for an alternative web browser to Safari for the iPhone? Want full-screen browsing? Well then check out the Nightglow Web Browser.

Nightglow Web Browser by Synthereal Co.

The Nightglow web browser can be a full replacement or a supplement to Safari, which is the current stock iPhone web browser. Each browser has its benefits but there are a few features that I have seen with the Nightglow browser that proved to be very useful that are not present in Safari.

The first big feature I noticed with Nightglow is the tab system. You have the ability to open tabs of up to four web pages very quickly and easily. Most of the mainstream desktop based browsers today include tab support, so it is nice to see this on the iPhone as it makes navigation of web sites much easier.

The second feature is the loading indicator. Whenever you navigate to a web page, you get a percent indicator showing you how much of the web page has loaded. While Safari has its loading bar, I prefer a percent meter as it gives me a more accurate look of the load.

The last really neat feature is full-screen browsing! I liked this feature alot, as the browser fills up the entire iPhone screen except the status bar at the very top where your time is. The other nice thing is activation of the full-screen is very easy; simply place three fingers on the screen and gesture upwards. To get out of full-screen, repeat the same process but gesture downwards.

However, no feature filled product can be all perfect. The two major drawbacks that I have noticed are that the browser loads web pages much slower than Safari. I tested this by loading up my Wi-Fi and loading our blog page in both browsers and Safari was 6 seconds faster on average. I found this to be consistent when loading other web pages as well.

The second drawback is that the browser needs more polish. The user interface is a little difficult to use with cramped buttons and the overall browser just looks a little unfinished. However, this is something easily fixed with future updates.

If you are looking for a Safari replacement, check out Nightglow. It is available in the iTunes AppStore for an intro promo price of $0.99 and regularly $2.99.


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