50 iPhone Apps for Athletes!

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I recently came across a list of iPhone apps for athletes! The list was quite impressive as I read into the first 10 or 15 apps, but the entire list consisted of 50 apps! 50! The list is also evenly split between free and paid apps.


The list was posted on the Physical Therapy Assistant Schools website and I will reproduce the list here below for any of those that are interested. One thing is for sure, this list could not have come at a better time, especially for everyone in Vancouver! We’re going to have a sizzling hot summer and what a perfect way to spend some of your summer by working out and staying healthy!

Check out the list below and let me know how some of the apps turn out for you!

Posted by L. Fabry of Physical Therapy Assistant Schools

For Free

1. iPump Free Workout: With over four thousand images and videos, this app is a must have for any serious athlete. Get tips for pros, recommendations, and even the ability to do a drag and drop workout. Don’t feel like doing all that work? Then choose one of the over 400 already programmed workouts, many available for free.

2. MyNetDiary: Start a health fitness diary with this easy to use app. You can enter in nutritional information, as well as keep an eye on your weight. There is also a simple and quick test drive available.

3. Gyminee: This free community allows you to develop workout programs, exercise routines, and food diary. You can also look for others in your area who share your goals. It even gives you fitness challenges you can try in your own workout.

4. Fitsync: Download free workouts to your iPhone, track your progress, and share with this online community. You can also get an online workout log, over one thousand exercises, free videos, charts, and even challenges. They also post rankings on various types of fitness on their site.

5. Lose It!: This is a beautiful, intuitive, and complete nutritional database and statistic tracker. Enter your vitals such as age, current weight, gender, and goals. Lose It! then calculates a daily calorie budget based on this information. You can also look foods up by restaurant.

6. RunKeeper: This GPS Fitness tracking system allows you to use your 3G iPhone to help with your running, cycling, hiking, or walking. This attractive app shows you how far you have gone, speed, elevation, and you can even record a map. Available for free if you can tolerate the ads.

7. Fitnio: Give the app your weight and height and Fitnio keeps track of the calories you’ve burned. It is also compatible with Nike + technology. Fitnio can also keep track of your course using Google Maps.

8. TrailGuru: Available for free, this app is ideal for outdoor activity. You can plan a route, explore it, share, and summarize. You can also post information from your workout on the website.

9. iTrail: The idea behind this app is that you should be able to use your phone to track your performance while running, cycling, hiking or skiing. In addition to many features available for a 3G phone, you can also use it with a first generation iPhone. It also has an option for phone lock that allows you to put your iPhone in a backpack or pocket.

10. Bones In Motion: With 100 million consumers, BiM extends the mobile phone into the areas of fun, fitness, sports, health, and personal safety. Use for fitness walking, running, cycling, hiking, mountain biking, GeoCaching, and other outdoor activities. It also available for other mobile devices.

11. WeightDate: Just create an account to easily utilize this app on your iPhone. It allows you to track your daily progress towards weight loss. You can also view your results on Google Charts.

12. iPhit: This application is ideal for walking or running exercise using the Nike+ Sensor kit. The iPhit application sends this exercise tracking data to the iPhone in an easy to read and use format. The home page displays the runs, challenges, goals, and Nike community that are available on the Nike+ website.

13. Apimac Timer: Need a stopwatch while running? Then download this free and popular app. It also comes with an alarm clock, countdown, and clock utility.

14. FitReach: Access this site from your iPhone to create a free fitness plan. The many features include weight loss tracker, muscle gain progress, stats, results, managing calorie intake, and more. You can also join with other members to help you reach your goal.

15. Restaurant Nutrition 1.1: Get nutrition information from loads of popular restaurants, including menu items. Choices include Burger King, Chick-Fil-A, and Chili’s. It can also be used to track calorie, carb, protein, and fat.

16. iYardage: This application is ideal for those iPhone users who hate carrying a scorecard. It can be used as a tool to track your score and game stats (putts, fairways hit, gir, etc), There is also a link to a free swing plan.

17. smartSCORECARD: Register for a free account at oobgolf to get this app. It allows you and up to three friends keep track of golf scores in real time. Scorecard also records scores, handicaps, and a whole slew of other golf-related data.

18. Pump10: View a number of workout videos from professionals for iPhone. It offers weekly ten minute video workouts, fitness tips, and personal training advice that guide users to a healthier and fitter lifestyle. With the help of Quicktime, you can get the video of the week or search by goals.

19. Body Book: This app is an exercise and fitness log application for the iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices. Record type of weight lifted, how many sets, reps, and more. It also remembers your last entries and provides buttons to modify those entries without a keyboard.

20. Progio: All you need to do is create a personal Progio account and a Safari Web application. Progio is an interactive hand-held fitness system that provides step-by-step instructions of your personal workouts, monitors your heart rate, and tracks your workout results. Also available for Windows Mobile or as its own handheld device.

21. cityRUNNR: Use this app to get your own personal iPhone running log. It allows you to track your runs and watch your improvement. With dynamic graphs, a simple interface, and advanced editing features, you can improve your running in no time.

22. Health & Fitness Mobile: The people at “Health & Fitness” magazine help you turn your iPhone into a personal trainer. Get an array of free workouts from the experts of this top publication. You can even link to Facebook.

23. BMI Calculator: Just as it says, this app is a body mass index calculator, In addition to displaying a BMI value, this application also provides textual and visual representations. You can get readings in standard or metric and in different languages.

24. Eight Glasses A Day: This application that will help you do just that. Simply touch a virtual glass of water every time you drink a real one. It also tells you the benefits of hydration.

25. Happy Weight: With this app, you get a good idea where your weight falls on the scale: either under weight, normal weight or over weight. It also suggest your ideal weight using height, current weight, and gender to help determine a healthy range for you. Weight and height can be calculated in metric or standard units.

For a Cost

26. TeeShot Live: Anyone with a passion for golf, an iPhone, and $19.99 should consider this app for serious golfers. There’s a live search feature to download courses from the web, enter hole information as you play, use the built-in course editor, and begin playing in seconds. TeeShot can perform dozens of golf tasks including, tracking strokes and putts, fairways hit, penalty strokes and much more.

27. iFitness: This app has been reviewed and recommended by ABC and “The Washington Post.” You can get a list of exercises from A to Z, for targeted muscle areas, or build your own custom. Follow the link on this article to download it for only $1.99.

28. Calorie Tracker: Available for $2.99, the application allows you to track the foods you eat, the fitness activities you do while on the go. You can also look up or track your daily caloric, carbohydrate, and protein intake of your favorite foods.

29. Nutrition Menu: Selected as an Apple Staff favorite, this app is available for $2.99. It allows you to advance your diet by having nutritional information for 80,000 food items right at your fingertips. Track from meal to meal insuring a higher weight loss by keeping a journal of what you have consumed using this app.

30. Meditate Now!: For only $1.99, you can use this app to meditate through your iPhone. Choose from such meditations as Chill Out, Find Inner Peace, or Golf Better. There are also other fitness apps available.

31. TriCalc: Are you a triathlete who carries an iPhone? Then download this app for $1.99 to calculate time, distance, and pace/speed before or after your races. Use for running, biking or swimming and you can also get pre-set distances for the Half Iron, Ironman, Olympic, and more.

32.Gym Buddy: If you use a journal and an iPod when at the gym, get ready to get rid of both. For $2.99 you can use your iPhone to write down your stats and keep your music program playing. There is a nice sized list of exercises already imported, but Gym Buddy lets you enter in individual exercises into a list and then distribute the exercises into a complete workout.

33. FitView: For $5.99 you can get a quick, accessible way to review your workout history and progress. FitView allows you to store a wide range of fitness-related information right on your iPhone. With the option to input several profiles, you can keep track of your activities, vital stats, and trends.

34. Diamedic: Any athlete with diabetes should look into this app. For $5.00, it offers a solution to easily record glucose readings, insulin injections, medications, lab results, carbs, weight, and exercise workouts on the go. It also has useful graphs and the option to email to yourself or your doctor.

35. Gym Goal Lite: This app puts a massive workout encyclopedia in the palm of your hand, allowing you to control and customize every aspect of your gym-based fitness routine. The home screen is divided into workouts and exercises, along with a tip of the day. For $4.99, it also comes with many other workout and fitness features.

36. aSleep: The original sleep machine for iPhone, 200,000 users around the world have chosen this. Relax and listen to the sounds of nature and suave melodies that will help you to fall asleep, practice meditation, yoga, or to release stress. For only $0.99, you can get 40 included melodies.

37. Weightbot: Use this attractive app to keep track of your weight over time or to work toward a target weight. Type in your current weight, goal, and Weightbot will help you keep track of it easily and discreetly. Available for $3.99.

38. Yoga Stretch: This app consists of traditional yoga poses sequencing with a Vinyasa flow. For only $1.99, it is designed to improve strength, balance, posture and flexibility. Sessions can be programmed to last anywhere from one to 60 minutes.

39. Yoga Stretch Lite: For the same price, you can get this application as a lighter version of the above. Each pose comes with a detailed description, along with its benefits.

40. Yoga Relax: This yoga app caters to a gentler morning or night session that benefits all levels. Sessions are customizable from one to 36 minutes with over 35 Yoga moves. Also available for $1.99, you can turn on an audio instructor to maximize your sessions.

41. Running Trainer: Whether just beginning or a professional, this app has something for the avid runner. Train for a marathon, mini-marathon, or more. With different charges for different apps, you can get a trainer for 5k, 10k, 15k, or Lite.

42. White Noise: Need something relaxing to workout to, do yoga with, or help you fall asleep? Then download this app for $1.99 for tons of relaxing music. With over 40 sounds to choose from, you can get crashing waves, chimes, rain, the fireplace, and much more.

43. iPeriod: For ladies only, this app allows you to keep track of your menstrual cycles. Use icons, colors, and more to keep track of your schedule and maintain your health. It also predicts future cycles, ovulation, and fertility.

44. One Hundred Pushups: Think that’s too much for you? Then follow this six week program to increase strength and produce the aforementioned results. Available for a measly $0.99, you can also learn how to lose belly fats, increase squats, and more.

45. Two Hundred Sit-ups: If you’re serious about increasing your core strength, follow this six week training program and you’ll soon be on your way to completing 200 consecutive sit-ups. From the makers of the push up program, you can download this app currently for $0.99. You can also get a link to an initial test to see where you are.

46. Pedometer: Why bother with a bulky pedometer when you can turn your iPhone into one for $2.99? Pedometer allows you to track your steps, distance, and calories burnt. It also allows music to be played through your iPhone.

47. iWatchr: Specifically intended for Weight Watchers, this app can be used to count the calories of just about any food imaginable. It also comes with a food journal and favorites section. For only $0.99, you can also count nutrients such as fat, fiber, and protein.

48. Phone Aid: Athletes often encounter the risk of injury or emergency situations. Learn what to do in everything for five major first aid emergencies, and even lesser ones, such as a bee sting. Retailing at $1.99, you can also view a demonstration video.

49. iTrainer: This app is just like having a trainer work with you. Each iTrainer workout is automatically downloaded and synchronized using iTunes. From stretching to uplifting house music for running and weights, you can find a ton of workouts. Starting at $29.95 a month, you can also view a demonstrational video.

50. Limeade: Whether you want to use this app for yourself or for your office, limeade can help. It spans six different areas of well being, including physical health. For a varying monthly cost, you can get in shape, find balance, lose weight, and much more.

Just wow. Thanks again to the Phyiscal Therapy Assistant Schools website for the list!