Review: Westbang

Six-shooters, cowboys, and money…sounds like the Old West to me and Westbang is here to bring it to your iPhone!

Westbang by Rake In Grass

Westbang is an arcade style shooter re-made for the iPhone. The premise of the story is that the town sheriff has been killed and the townsfolk are desperate for protection and it is up to you to stand up against the outlaws of the Old West! Sounds like a challenge!

I can sum this game up in one word: Fun. The game has an entire story to it. Before you even begin play, you get a fantastic 2-minute long animated introduction to the storyline and as your progress through the various stages, the intermissions add more to the story. The stages include an area with three doors or four doors that open at random intervals and there are some stages that have no doors. There are over 20 bandits that you must take care of,  all of which have different abilities and appear randomly in the stages. Some shoot right away, some wait a bit, and some may seem not to shoot at all until your guard is down!

Aside from bandits, you need to watch out for civilians, as they will also randomly open doors! Shoot a civilian and you lose a life! Shoot a bandit who has not drawn a gun, lose a life! So you have to quick and accurate when you are tapping whoever happens to open the door!

The game offers three different game modes that covers both casual and competitive players, as well as 25 stages that you progress through to the top. Overall, Westbang offers fantastic visuals mixed with great sound and an easy to use control scheme. What I really like about this game is that it is a challenge, but it is not so hard that it becomes annoying. I find myself constantly going back and playing the game whenever I can because it is very fast paced and entertaining, especially once you reach the higher levels!

So how about we give-away a free copy! All you have to do is tell me what is your favorite classic arcade shooter of this style! A winner will be chosen at random at 11:59pm tonight!

Check out Westbang in the iTunes AppStore for $0.99!


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