iPhone OS 3.0 Releases June 17, 2009

As it was announced at Apple’s annual WWDC event, the iPhone OS 3.0 software will be released on June 17, 2009 as a free upgrade to all iPhone owners!


The 3.0 software brings a laundry list of new functions to the iPhone. I will list some of those functions below for your viewing:

  • Editing: Cut, copy, paste
  • Editing: Undo support
  • Keyboard: Landscape keyboard in Mail, Notes, Messages
  • Messaging: MMS support (All good with Rogers)
  • Messaging: Share videos via MMS or email
  • Messaging: Forward and delete individual SMS and MMS messages
  • Voice recording: Make voice memos with the new app
  • Search: You can search within specific apps such as Mail, Notes, Calendars, and Music
  • Bluetooth: A2DP support
  • Voice Control: Dial people in your contact list using your voice. Hold down home button and say the name of who you want to call. The various commands you can use float across the screen when the app is open. Also can control iPod playback and playlists by using Voice. For example, you can ask “whats playing now?”
  • Spotlight: Allows you to search through the entire iPhone
  • iTunes: To allow rental and purchase of movies from the iPhone, as well as TV shows, music videos, and audio books over 3G
  • Tethering: Mac or PC; USB or Bluetooth (All good with Rogers)
  • Safari: HTTP streaming video and audio
  • Safari: Auto-fill option
  • Language support: More than 30 languages all supported in Landscape or Portrait keyboard layouts
  • Find My iPhone: Available to MobileMe customers. Shows iPhone on any web browser on a map through MobileMe. You can message your phone, alerting it. People can pick up the iPhone and call the number you specify. You can also send a remote wipe command.
  • In App Purchases: Renew magazine subscriptions or buy additional game packs (only available on paid apps).
  • Peer to Peer Support: Automatically find another player in close proximity and connect together (play games for example)
  • Push Notifications: With supported apps
  • TomTom Application: Turn by turn GPS navigation
  • Digital Compass: Shows orientation in Google Maps (so you actually know which way you are moving), longitude, latitude and link to Google Maps (Only on iPhone 3G “S”)
  • Accessibility: Voiceover accessibility setting reads what you touch on the screen (Only on iPhone 3G “S”)
  • Nike+: Built in support for Nike+ (Only on iPhone 3G “S”)

That is only a brief list of the hundreds of functions coming to the iPhone with the 3.0 software. For more information on features, check out this post here, which listed the latest features as of March 2009 and this post here which listed the latest features as of April 2009.

The OS 3.0 update will be available through iTunes 8.2.

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