Telus Testing GSM: iPhone Cometh?

TELUS customers rejoice! The iPhone cometh!

The pictures below have just recently began to show up clearly indicating the carrier name “TELUS” and the numbers “302880” and “302860” in the carrier selection screen of iPhone’s all over Canada. These designations seem to indicate that TELUS is currently testing their GSM network. Could this mean TELUS is finally going to launch their GSM network? I hope so!

As we all know, one of the major advantages of a TELUS GSM network is the purest form of competition for our “friend” Rogers Wireless. Once launched, TELUS could potentially drive down the prices of plans for both itself and Rogers/Fido and have better offers than Rogers/Fido. I very much enjoy the prospect of that, but we shall see if it is true soon enough.

For the last while, rumors that TELUS will be launching their GSM network in Canada in Fall 2010 have been popping up everywhere, but we all know it will likely be later as these things are never on time. But what does this mean for you right now? Well, not alot. Rogers/Fido are the only iPhone carriers in Canada and you have your iPhone locked to Rogers/Fido (in most cases) but can be unlocked. This potentially means that you could take your Rogers or Fido iPhone and buy a TELUS plan with a TELUS SIM card.

Or better yet, the iPhone comes to TELUS!

We all know Apple makes mega cash from the sale of their hardware, especially iPhones which is in the 20,000,000+ range of sales right now. I would predict that if TELUS goes GSM, Jesus Jobs and the crew at Apple would immediately fire off iPhones to TELUS. More hardware sales  = more revenue = Apple wins.

What do you guys think?

Will TELUS offer cheaper plans? Will you switch? Will you break your Rogers/Fido contract?

Will TELUS get the iPhone 4G? 5G? With included shaver?*

Sound off below!

*Obviously it’s not coming with a shaver

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