Review: Flick Fishing

So after over a full year of avoiding a particular type of game, I finally decided to try it out. The type of game I am talking about are the ones that require you to use your iPhone in a throwing motion. For example, games like bowling or golf, where you have to swing your iPhone. Simply said, I just do not trust myself to hold the iPhone and I feel that it will just fly out of my window, out the window, and explode.

But, I finally tried a game that uses this type of motion control and………I love it!

The game I played is called Flick Fishing and as you can imagine, you need to flick your iPhone in order to cast you line. While a little scary at first, it is really exciting reeling in a 40 pounder!

Flick Fishing by Freeverse Inc.

Flick Fishing is the ultimate fishing game! I don’t know what it is, but there is just something overly satisfying about casting a line into water and catching a fish. Maybe it’s just the fisherman in me talking, but in any case, this game is a ton of fun to play.

So you start up the app and you can begin fishing right away or go through the tutorial. Normally I would recommend the tutorial, but this game is not difficult to learn, so I say jump right into it. You will have a few game mode options to choose from. You can play “Go Fishing” which is just a free play mode or you can play in a Tournament.

If you play the Go Fishing mode, you will be presented with series of areas in which you may fish. Each area has a varying difficulty; some areas are very easy with light fish, where others are on the open sea with high winds and waves. Once you choose an area, you can cast your line by flicking your iPhone in that motion. You can also change the type of bait you want to use from your tackle box.

When you finally catch something, you have to quickly reel it in using the on-screen reel. Along the top of the screen are indicators of the fish strength on the line and your line tension. You want to pay special attention to the line tension, because if there is too much tension, the line will snap and you will lose your catch.

If you choose the Tournament mode, you still get to fish like in the Go Fishing game mode, except now you can play against others. With Flick Fishing, you may play against the computer, you may play against another human (a friend) or play a game on a local connection using WiFi. I very much like that Flick Fishing allows alot of flexibility in connections because this really adds a lot of replayability value to the game.

So after all you are all done fishing, you can head over to the photo album and check out all of your catches. Every fish you catch is photographed automatically and then released back in to the water, but the photo is stored in the app photo album feature.

The entire game is a fully animated environment. Everything is “alive”. Among the environments, Flick Fishing offers a total of 7 different fishing locations, 9 types of bait and tackle, 12 tournaments, and what seems like an unlimited variety of fish. Plus, with the new 3.0 software, the app allows in-app purchases of new content! So in the end, Flick Fishing is a great value for its $0.99 price.

You can check out Flick Fishing in the iTunes AppStore for $0.99