AppleCare Protection Plan Arrives For Canadian iPhone 3G/3GS

Apple has made available their AppleCare Protection Plan for the iPhone 3G and 3GS via the Apple Store Canada.


iPhone 3G/3GS AppleCare Protection Plan

As many recall, the launch of the iPhone 3G in Canada came without a warranty and many were left with costly repairs when and if something had occured to your iPhone 3G. With the introduction of the Protection Plan, you can fret no more!

Your newly purchased iPhone 3G/3GS comes with a one year warranty out of the box and 90 days of telephone support. The iPhone Protection Plan extends this coverage (warranty and phone support) to two years from the original purchase date and will cost $79.

See below for the some of the various service options:

Telephone support (or just visit

  • Connecting to your computer — Mac or PC
  • Syncing with iTunes
  • Downloading video and podcasts from the iTunes Store
  • Synching contacts and calendars
  • Connecting iPhone to Wi-Fi networks
  • Sending and receiving mail with iPhone

Apple Technician Assistance

  • Take your iPhone to an Apple Retail Store or other Apple Authorized Service Provider
  • Mail your iPhone directly to Apple

Comprehensive Coverage (Parts covered)

  • iPhone
  • Battery
  • iPhone Bluetooth Headset
  • Included accessories such as the earphones and USB cable

Note: The AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone only extends your coverage if your iPhone 3G/3GS is still within its 1 year warranty. Also note, the protection plan does not cover water damage, physical damage or severely destroyed iPhones…”I ran over it with my car”.

Also, it goes without saying that if you show up to an Apple Store or send in your iPhone and it is jailbroken, you are pretty much out of luck. Remember, always back up and restore first!

Apple iPhone Out of Warranty Service Options

But what if you have an iPhone 3G that is out of warranty (passed the 1 year), you do not have AppleCare, and your iPhone 3G is broken either by physical, water or some other damage? You are in luck!

If you have an iPhone 3G that is ineligible for warranty service but is eligible for Out of Warranty service, you can replace your iPhone 3G for a refurbished iPhone 3G for $229.00. Of course, it is ultimately up to Apple’s discretion on whether or not you qualify, but the point is that you do have another option that does not involve paying full price that is upwards of $500.

  • Ineligible for Warranty service = Passed 1 year out of box warranty; Physical Damage; Liquid Damage; Some other damage
  • Eligible for Out of Warranty service = Ineligible for warranty service; iPhone 3G is not destroyed or not working as a result of physical or software modifications

You can also have just the iPhone 3G battery replaced for $89 if it is only the battery that is the problem.

More information is available here.

Note: The Out of Warranty service is not available for iPhones that have sustained catastrophic damage. In other words, if your iPhone does not work because you modified it somehow or it has broken into multiple pieces, you are not covered by anything Apple related.